Plenty of room for payload
Diverse payload options
CFRP sandwich material
High power propulsion system
High performance onboard processors

AscTec Pelican

The well proven AscTec Pelican was designed for maximum power combined with plenty of room to use its complete capacity. The light weight tower structure lets you mount diverse payloads and easily access all electronics. Therefore we offer high performance onboard processors, fix or actively stabilized camera options and precise laser scanners. Furthermore you can easily integrate your own individual sensors and process the gathered data directly onboard of the flight vehicle. All in all this flight system is the most flexible and powerful of the AscTec fleet.

AscTec Pelican - Facts

  • Min. take-off weight: 630 g
  • Max. payload: 650 g
  • Max. flight time with full payload: 15 min
  • Programmable via AscTec SDK and AscTec Simulink toolkit
  • Flexible tower design with easy access to all electronics
  • Carries AscTec Mastermind or AscTec Atomboard
  • Diverse laser scanner and camera options