LED fin indicating system status
Landing gear
High-Performance GPS
Coupled IMU and payload unit
Hexacopter with 8 inch propellers
Dampened payload mount
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AscTec Firefly

The AscTec Firefly is the latest and most advanced UAV in the AscTec fleet. It was engineered for highest security and easy handling, hence it´s perfect for your autonomous flight experiments. Besides the small nonhazardous propellers and low take-off weight, it comes with a patented redundant propulsion system, which allows a controlled flight with only 5 rotors. Selectable emergency modes allow difficult flight missions.

The modular structure enables fast component exchanges in case of a crash or modification during integration and testing. The “frame in frame” concept was designed to decouple the fixed connection of payload and IMU from the vibration inducing motors. This concept raises the quality of the sensor and camera data and avoids dynamic misalignments. Optional propeller types tune the AscTec Firefly to either maximum security or maximum performance.

AscTec Firefly - Facts

  • Patented redundant propulsion system
  • Minimum take-off weight: 1,000 g
  • Maximum payload: 600 g
  • Maximum wind load (GPS Mode): 10 m/s
  • Programmable via AscTec Communication Interface, AscTec Simulink Toolkit and AscTec SDK 2.0
  • Carries AscTec Mastermind or AscTec Atomboard
  • Many payload options available