Now available: Onboard PC with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor – AscTec Mastermind

21. Mai 2013

The AscTec Mastermind gives you tremendous computation power at reasonable size and weight. It is designed according to our customers need for much more computation power. At the beginning of any research project, regarding flying or non-flying robots you often need to try out as many sensors as possible. Moreover you do not want to spend your time optimizing your algorithms before the proof of concept.

Therefore the AscTec Mastermind offers a huge variety of standard interfaces. Simultaneously receive the data of FireWire-, GigE-, USB 2.0- and 3.0-devices, store it on mSATA-, SATA-, microSD-, CFast-cards, process all information with the high performance of an Intel Core i7 processor, and share your results via a serial or WiFi connection.

With the AscTec Mastermind you can start right away, without being concerned that there could be a limit given by the board. More features like the additional power connector, the VGA-slot, the status display and the preinstalled Ubuntu Linux with all necessary drivers for your AscTec accessories make this board the first choice for your research application.

AscTec Mastermind breakout board can be equipped with four different CPU options.