Impressionen ICRA 2013 – International Conference on Robotics & Automation

7. Mai 2013

International audience at the ICRA 2013. Over 1,000 visitors found theirselves in between the elite of research and development regarding robotics and automation. Next year the ICRA is going to take place in Hong Kong, China. And we already are looking forward to meet there many of you again.

Until then contact us for further information about the brand new AscTec Firefly.

The opening party community gathers around the AscTec Firefly pilots that flew the show.

Four AscTec Firefly systems mounted with an “I”, “C”, “R” and “A” frontwards and “2”, “0”, “1” and “3” backwards.

Amazed audience during a quick indoor flight presentation of the AscTec Firefly at the ICRA 2013.

Four pilots, four AscTec Firefly systems, four letters, four numbers – the great ICRA 2013 opening.

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