Eni´s Drone Technology Win

14. März 2017
Eni Drone Technology Win

Eni established a 3 year contract for the aerial inspection of their global assets with Sky-Futures (a London based-drone service provider flying with the AscTec Falcon 8). The high-tech approach towards inspections follows a type of revolution for Eni.

Over the last two years prices for oil have dropped, along with cut dividends and job losses. Amid an environment of change for the whole industry, Eni invested heavily in informatics, data processing and cloud technology. Claudio Descalzi, the chief executive of Eni, spent $450 million to strengthen exploration capabilities. Part of the investment was the building of a super computer complex near Milan, and investing in personnel to handle the collected data. The high powered computing revealed details in the collected data to locate dig sites, and run simulations.

For Eni the combination of technology and risk-taking resulted in the largest gas find off the Egyptian coast in the Mediterranean Sea; Zohr (meaning noon in Arabic) holds 30 trillion cubic feet of gas.

Leveraging Cloud Technology, Data Centers and UAVs

The continued investment by Eni into analytics, cloud technology, and faster data acquisition with Sky-Futures, marries well with Eni´s progressive approach to technology usage in order to maintain their assets.

The modest sized company is in alignment with the IDC report for trends occurring in the gas and oil sector. According to energy insights and research director, Chris Niven, “The companies that will survive and prosper [in the current market] are the ones that know how to leverage enabling technologies like cloud and mobility to help automate and optimize processes and apply analytics to improve operations output. If a company does not have operations excellence, they need to get it.“

Eni has continued to invest in technology by streamlining their inspection processes with Sky-Futures. Professional UAV flights reduce the risk to workers at height, shorten the inspection time, eliminate the need for shutdown, and provide the latest information accessible from anywhere in the world through a cloud based inspection report. Asset health can be more easily assessed, forecasted and maintained; ensuring the safety of workers, the structure itself, and its continued optimum output.

The revolutionary change for Eni, with the adoption of new technology, has resulted in an unprecedented win for the company on a global scale.