AscTec Neo

/// Totally redundant UAV – powerful, safe & versatile.*

The AscTec Neo is the novel & most advanced research UAV of the AscTec Research Line to provide advanced research opportunities. The hexacopter is fully redundant – means all flight relevant components and electronics are at least double reundant. Payloads up to 2 kilogramms, flight times up to 26 minutes and space-saving transportability are further promising advances for all UAV researcher’s ambitions. The standardized mechanical and modular structure is user-friendly and adaptable in common R&D use. Intel NUC provides unrivalled computing power on UAVs in the weight class below 5kg.

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/// Unique UAV features.

  • Total redundancy means that the AscTec Neo is resistant against single-point-of-failure in electronics and hardware, including motors.
  • Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) below 5 kg & payloads up to 2 kg.
  • Flight time: up to 26 minuntes!
  • Space-saving transport: Folding propellers, detachable motor booms.
  • Efficient propulsion system and triple redundant flight controller (with stock firmware) providing high-performance motor control with FOC (Field Oriented Control).
  • Usability: Active breaking and energy recovery system and redundant power supply with smart batteries.
  • Standardized mechanical interface.

/// Optional payloads.

  • Intel NUC with Core i7-5557U (4 x 3.1 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB M.2 SSD, USB 3.0, Iris Graphics 6100)
  • 360° depth camera with Intel RealSense technology
  • AscTec Atomboard v3 (4 x 1.91 GHz Intel Atom, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD, USB 3.0)
  • Various camera mount options.
  • Propeller protection.
  • Laser scanner, optical flow sensor etc.

/// Unmatched UAV processing power:

The AscTec Neo combines the research drone abilities of former AscTec Research Line UAVs with the efficiency and safety of a professional sensing flight platform due to AscTec Trinity. Moreover latest Intel technology provides unique research opportunities. AscTec Neo has been developed & optimized within EuRoC, TRADR and Aeroworks.

The Intel NUC with Intel Core i7 processor in an ultra-light carbon fibre housing, designed by Ascending Technologies, offers a yet unmatched performance-to-weight ratio for onboard UAV processors. It provides up to 4×3.4GHz at a total weight of only 290g. Especially for applications with very high demands on computing power, e.g. Computer Vision, Obstacle Avoidance, or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), the Intel NUC is a perfect addition for the AscTec Neo. Actually, the Intel NUC is so light that the AscTec Neo can carry several of these computers at once. This leads to a yet unrivalled computing power on UAVs in the weight class below 5kg.

/// Available flight system configurations:

  • Hexacopter with 9″ and 11″ propellers
  • AscTec Trinity flight controller with user-programmable module (STM32F4).
    Flight controller – AscTec Trinity:

    • 3 x fully equipped controllers + all sensors.
    • Redundant flight control at all times.
    • Real-time safety recovery: Safe evaluation of your algorithms on one controller, switching back to two redundant controllers is always possible (even in flight).
  • User Interfaces:
    • One AscTec Trinity module fully user-programmable (Cortex-M4 + FPU @ 180MHz).
    • SDK provided free of charge with open-source tools.
    • Receive IMU data at high rates (raw + filtered).
    • Various control commands available.
    • Electrical interfaces: UART (up to 2), I2C (up to 2), SPI, CAN, PWM (2x), USB (host or client).
    • Multiple power outlets (battery voltage, 12V, 5V).

* Programming and flight technique knowledge are required for the practical operation of our research flight systems. Please understand that some substantial information is available in English only.