Mobile Ground Station

/// Intuitive, easy and safe.

Our Mobile Ground Station is – in fact –mobile. Data link, remote camera control, video connection, status display, and the control oft he AscTec Falscon 8 are all fully integrated in the Mobile Ground Station.

/// Status update and optional settings in real time.

  • Everything at a glance – in the status display: The status display shows all the information relevant for the flight.
  • Input function for full flexibility: Direct adjustment and change of all setting via status display. For example during a flight.
  • Clean user inerface for easiest usability: LEFT, RIGHT, ENTER, and ESC are all you need to navigate through the status display.
  • Sensitive early warning system: Thanks to visual and acoustic warning signals, you are always ahead of a critical situation and able to react sensibly.

/// Double safety, real mobility, and full control.

  • Proven mechanics for your remote control: To control your flight system a Futaba FX-30 is fully integrated in the Mobile Ground Station, pre-programmed and ready-to-use.
  • Everything under control – thanks to intelligent switch assignment: The Mobile Ground Station offers true one-man controllability. On the right, you pitch and roll; on the left, you climb, descent and yaw – and trigger the camera..
  • Dual communication for double safety: A 2 x 2.4 GHz diversity data link connects flight system and remote control.
  • Maximum transmitting power within the scope of legal provisions: In Germany, 5.8 GHz transmitting power is limited to 25 mW. An upgrade to 100 mW is optional. Please make sure to obtain information on legal restricitions in other countries before using the system.
  • Safety in every detail: Video receiver and video monitor are decoupled from all safety-relevant components.

/// The remote control – range of functions of the Mobile Ground Station:

  • Status display: Input and display of flight data, camera, control and auto function setting. Automatic or manual connection (via scan or ID) with the flight system, selection of a emergency mode, selection of battery type, functions men, main page with information on battery, voltage (of flight system), GPS signal strength, camera orientation, flight altitude and flight time as well as detailed display with information on voltage (flight system), GPS signal strength, distance (pilot – flight system) and alignment (pilot – flight system).
  • Remote control – Futaba FX-30: Engine start/stop, control of telezoom or video recording, AscTec AutoPilot on/off, GPS mode on/off, camera trigger, camera tilt adjustment, UAV yawing (left/right), UAV climb/descent (up/down), joystick adjustment, Mobile Ground Station on/off, UAV rolling (left/right control), UAV pitching (forward/reverse control), RC display with voltage meter (Mobile Ground Station).
  • Diversity data link: Reliable communication between remote control and flight system. In case the connection is lost, a safety landing according to the emergency mode is initiated automatically after a few seconds.
  • Analog video receiver: Choose one of 7 video channels for the best live transmission.
  • HD video monitor: A smallHD LCD monitor delivers the camera’s live image in high definition.

/// Technical specifications & threshold values for professional use:

RC Remote ControlMobile Ground Station
Size450 x 350 x 150 mm
Weight2.5 kg
2 autonomous digital control and data connections2.4 GHz DSSS, 10–63 mW
1 analog video transmitter5.8 GHz, 25/100 mW
LCD monitor with sunshieldsmallHD AC7, 7-Zoll, 1280 x 800

/// Accessories for two-man operation.

Choose the right functional package according to the type of usage:

  • Not necessary, but possible and a lot of fun: The independent camera control via gamepad and video goggles for a second cameraman are pure fun. Independent camera control requires hardware and software modification.
  • Features – Independent camera control:
    • Pan the camera in every direction
    • Soft horizontal rotation of the flight system
    • Zoom and trigger the camera
    • Video start and stop
    • Playback of last image

  • Video goggle “Fatshark Dominator“ for one cameraman. Completely independent from the Mobile Ground Station.
  • Features – Video goggle:
    • 30-degree diagonal field of vision
    • 640 x 480 VGA resolution
    • Integrated 5.8 GHz video receiver with antenna
    • Integrated rechargeable LiPo battery
    • Battery charger