AscTec Falcon 8

/// Performance, Precision & Safety.

The AscTec Falcon 8 went into serial production in 2009 and is since used globally for professional applications. For your projects the octocopter offers unprecedented precision and safety with the reliable AscTec High-Performance GPS and the new control unit AscTec Trinity. It weighs in at a mere, world-class 2.3 kilograms of takeoff weight and works with maximum efficiency in the air – on- & offshore, even in challenging conditions.

/// Essential system benefits of the AscTec Falcon 8.

  • NEW: AscTec Trinity! Maximum safety is guaranteed by the up to 3 times redundant flight control electronics and flight components – unrivalled worldwide. In short: Welcome a new era of flight control.
  • Fully automated flight routes in 2D & 3D are exactly reproducible by waypoint navigation. That means great ground coverage and reliable information.
  • Auto functions for economic efficiency: up to 360° spherical or cylindrical panos, Point-of-Interest (POI) imaging and Circle-of-Interest (COI) imaging.
  • Useful interfaces and tools. To enable quick and efficient processing of generated data and image material.
  • Direct control, settings and telemetry viewed in real time. You have total control over flight system and camera at any time. You may adjust zoom, aperture or exposure time whenever you like or when changed light conditions require spontaneous resetting.

/// Key features of the AscTec Falcon 8.

  • Made in Germany. Innovation and manufacturing from Bavaria. We develop and produce in-house – essential hard- and software is made by Ascending Technologies.
  • Maximum performance & safety. 
The redundant propulsion system is very robust and lightweight to guarantee a stable flight.
  • Minimum of weight & size. 
Highest precision and controllability. Flexible and dynamic even at high airspeed.
  • Transportable fully assembled and ready-to-fly. 
For mobility and efficiency in daily use.
  • Low-noise, emission-free and environmentally friendly operation. The energy-efficient engines work with only 100 Watt per motor.
  • Great reliability: The AscTec Falcon 8 went into serial production in 2009. It has been tested and proven in numerous challenging projects ever since.

/// The flight system – features and standards:

  • Automatic sensor data verification: Before takeoff, all-important sensor and system parameter values are assessed within a few seconds. Only after a successful check, you will be able to take off.
  • Flexibility through plug-&-play-solution: You can easily change your payload. A mounted camera is automatically identified and set properly. All functions are promptly accessible at the Mobile Ground Station.
  • 3 flight modes for any circumstances: The pilot has access to GPS mode, altitude mode and manual mode. Easily switch during a flight if necessary.
  • Permanent live flight check: The flight system sends all relevant flight data to the Mobile Ground Station in real time, delivering visual and acoustic signals.
  • Enhanced safety in case of emergency: In case of total link loss, a safety mode takes over the control to initiate an automatic landing maneuver. Choose between: “Direct landing”, “Come home straight” and “Come home high”.
  • Complete flight documentation via flight data recorder: To be safe in case of any controversy. Each flight and command is recorded precisely.

/// Technical data & limitations for professional use:

UAV Type V-Form Octocopter
Size 770 x 820 x 125 mm
Max. takeoff weight 2.3 kg
Max. payload 0.8 kg
Flight time incl. payload 12–22 min.
Max. Range 1,000 m
Max. airspeed 16 m/s
Tolerable wind speed 15 m/s (GPS: 12 m/s)
Data connection 2 x 2.4 GHz, 10–63 mW
Transmission power 5.8 GHz, 25/100 mW
Power unit Rechargeable LiPo batteries with 6250 mAh
Operating temperature -5–35° (ideal condition for professional use*)
Remote control (RC) Mobile Ground Station, Waypoint navigation
Inertial guidance system & sensors AscTec AutoPilot or AscTec Trinity with 1,000 Hz update rate
Flight modes GPS Mode, Height Mode, Manual Mode
Safety modes Direct landing, Come home straight, Come home high
Certification CE, RoHS
*Flight time reduction below 0° & above 35°.

/// Advanced professional product packages for every use.

Rely on established product assortments! Our professional product packages are preconfigured buy recommendations containing a flight system, a remote control, an adequate camera option (latest available versions only) and accessories – ideal for your specific application area.

  • AscTec Falcon 8 + GeoEXPERT: Learn more.Our buy recommendation for your surveying project. Detect objects down to the last millimetre.

  • AscTec Falcon 8 + InspectionPRO: Learn more.Our buy recommendation for your inspection projects. Record JPGS and georeferenced 14 Bit RAW thermal images synchronously to gather all required information in one single flight.

  • AscTec Falcon 8 + PhotoEXPERT: Learn more.Our buy recommendation for your aerial imaging projects. Various comfortable auto functions deliver mega- up to gigapixel-images in DSLR quality.

  • AscTec Falcon 8 + VideoEXPERT: Learn more.Our buy recommendation for your aerial video projects and astonishing footage. Generate spectacular shots with unique camera maneuverability thanks to the first virtual 3D camera bracket.

/// Payload options – big brands and brilliant camera solutions.

Rely on proven and the very latest payload options! Payload options include all portable cameras and sensors, which we can offer you in combination with the AscTec camera mount. We will be happy to help you with the right selection. All payloads offered are fully integrated in the flight system with the AscTec camera mount and modified accordingly. Learn more.

/// Expert Packages – perfection to detail.

Rely on proven functional packages, which we consequently develop further. Functional packages are additional combinable options, which we can unlock for you in your system. There is no need to send the system in. The activation key will be sent to you by e-mail once we received your order. Learn more.

/// Practical accessories for daily use.

Choose from a selection of practical accessories.

  • Transport Case: Size: 850 x 720 x 460 mm, Peli®Case 1690 suitable for airfreight, space for 1 flight system, 1 Mobile Ground Station & accessories.
  • AscTec Backpack: Padded transport backpack for 1 flight system, 1 Mobile Ground Station & accessories..
  • LiPo Safety Case: Fireproof protective case for storage and transport of up to 4 power packs.
  • AscTec Powerpack 6250 (PP 6250): 3s 6250 mAh LiPo power pack incl. BID technology and voltage indicator.
  • Battery Charger F8: incl. BID technology & accessories.

/// The Mobile Ground Station for usability and mobility.

With our Mobile Ground Station, you’ll stay mobile during the action. Operate the system remotely from a safe distance and from a suitable location. All system and camera functions necessary for flight and professional usage are directly accesible with the Mobile Ground Station. Learn more.

/// See for yourself …

And rent an AscTec Falcon 8 to put it through its paces. We know what our AscTec Falcon 8 is capable of. Now you are invited to experience it yourself. Use our rental offer including an all-risk insurance coverage and subsequent purchase option.