UAV Precision Agriculture

Due to consistent improvement today the AscTec Falcon 8 is one of the most advanced high-performance drones worldwide. It is used successfully for precision agriculture in crop research and agronomic development. With impressive area output and latest multispectral sensors the AscTec Falcon 8 will convince you as useful source of valuable geo information for site-specific development of small and medium-scale fields.

Precision farming and smart agriculture require more sophisticated, more detailed geo information: About nature and environment, health and vigor of crops, yield capacity, quality and physical soil properties, irrigation and application rate of fertiliser and pesticides. Conducive to agronomic and environmental sustainability the AscTec Falcon 8 provides geo­referenced aerial multispectral data and essential information for site-specific farm management of each subarea.

“There were no missed images, forward spacing was precise, and flight lines were precise […] there is nothing that exists in the multicopter world that can accomplish all this. AscTec Trinity is marvel …” Customer.

/// Benefit from UAV- / drone-based precision agriculture.

  • The AscTec Falcon 8 serves with highly accurate geo-referenced multispectral and near-infrared aerial imaging.
  • You get ultra-high-resolution, stitchable imagery for valid processing.
  • Maximum precision and consistency in every flight: Every control command, every flight path, any photo position and camera orientation: exact.
  • You receive information in detail about soil, crop and water condition.

  • Save time by reproduction: Repeat proven waypoint flights exact and fully automated.
  • Analyse and compare results of automated waypoint navigation flights.
  • Improve your data processing sustainably.
  • Thanks to Quick Survey: Press button to achieve a ground sample distance (GSD) down to millimetres.
  • Useful monitoring of small and medium-scale areas in less time.

  • Less time required. Quickly airborne. Quick live image analysis. Detailed analysis of ultra-high-resolution imagery.
  • Less staff requirement with more safety: Smart one-hand camera control, waypoint navigation and imaging automation.
  • Less risk: Actionable information for nutrient management plans to meet statutory obligations.
  • Reduction of operation expenses through precise assessment of seeds, fertiliser, pesticides and irrigation.
  • Low-noise, emission-free & environmentally friendly operation.

  • UAV / Drone-based precision agriculture and smart farming remote sensing.
  • UAV / Drone-based survey and multispectral measurements for site-specific land development.
  • UAV / Drone-based ecological and agronomic rural cultivation.
  • UAV / Drone-based analysis of soil, health and vigor of crops.
  • UAV / Drone-based agricultural development, irrigation and nutrient management.
  • UAV / Drone-based fertiliser and pesticides measurement.
  • UAV / Drone-based topographic surveys, slope angle measurement and volumetric analysis for site design.
  • UAV / Drone-based environmental impact assessment and flood risk surveys.

/// Most important for appropriate cultivation.

The AscTec Falcon 8 makes enormous time savings and cost reductions possible. Regarding performance, precision and safety the patented V-form octocopter is the measure of all things due to AscTec Trinity. The triple redundant drive control of the drone, yet enables UAV operation in dusty, sandy, salty or windy terrain. In case of rotor damage or motor failure, the system usually would not crash. The autopilot would compensate up to three single motor failures and ensure the possibility of safety landing or activation of one of three emergency modes.

/// Jülich Research Centre – UAV crop research per ultra leight weight drone.

Plant research with the AscTec Falcon 8. As one of the largest German institutes, the Jülich Research Center is devoted to bio­sciences and geo­sciences. A team of around 150 scientists all have one objective: In times of climate change and population growth, to increase the harvest yields many times over to ensure the population can be fed in the long-term. For this reason they observe the plants under the ground, on the ground and, with the AscTec Falcon 8 from the air.

“I was glad working with the AscTec Falcon 8 and say thank you […]. The reliable flying sensor platform enabled exciting research and lots of fun at work.” Andreas Burkart, Doctoral Candidate, Jülich Research Centre.

After all the testing in the laboratory comes the acid test in the field. Only by monitoring with the flight system is it possible to see if what was discovered in the laboratory can be reproduced in practice. Thermal images from a bird’s perspective provide information about vegetation, moisture loss and actual benefits.

/// UAV wildlife preservation & environment protection with GPS-based thermal imaging.

Localization and prevention with the AscTec Falcon 8. Initially developed for just one project in a small proto­type series for the German Aerospace Center (DLR), but now also used in Africa: A highly integrated payload onboard the AscTec Falcon 8 helps to save life itself and entire species. Since 2010, field activities in Germany and Austria have spotted wild animals from the air through remote sensing and saved them from mowing units. Precise thermal imaging and near-infrared cameras make it possible to locate and identify the animals. Cadavers can contaminate feedstuff and poison animals. The technical requirements placed on the flight system for use by the Bavarian Hunting Association: reliability, user friendliness, efficiency including in unfavorable environmental conditions, automatic wild animal recognition and mobility in the open country. Project news:

RPAS Portal by RUAS

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Agisoft PhotoScan: Benefit from latest version 1.2.0

4. December 2015

New Agisoft PhotoScan version 1.2.0 out now. For all customers with a valid licence key can upgrade for free. Ascending Technologies recommends to update soon to profit from diverse improvements. Besides Topcon and Agisoft sign a partnership agreement for UAS photogrammetric software to improve the processing of Topcon Falcon 8 and Sirius Pro generated data and to further expand the [...]

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Topcon Precision Agriculture @ Agritechnica

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The Commercial UAV Show & the Drone Ecosystem

20. October 2015

The Commercial UAV Show just opened its doors in London, UK. Matt Kellett, Business Development Manager for Mapping and OEM business at Topcon will be holding a speak there and present the unmanned aircraft system Topcon Falcon 8, powered by Ascending Technologies. Aiming at the commercial UAV market New capabilities and markets opened up in the UAV sector will be [...]

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UAS Precision Farming in Spain

13. October 2015

UAS precision farming is an important topic in Spain. To receive site-specific and accurately calculated application rates you need more detailed information of agricultural land. Good to know: Using the AscTec Falcon 8 for remote sensing in precision farming works quite successfully. UAS + multispectral & thermal sensors Spain is well known as the European vegetables and fruits garden. To [...]

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