UAV Condition Survey & Civil Engineering

For detailed building stock condition survey and structural health monitoring for civil engineering the precision UAS AscTec Falcon 8 assists as the professional unmanned sensing flight platform you deserve. Save risky and costly height works with scaffolds, cranes or helicopters.

Simply position the drone to the required spot and do crucial high re­solution orthophotography, photogrammetry, detailed topographic models, panoramic imagery, 3D modelling and reconstruction for diverse purpose. The AscTec Falcon 8 has proven its worth for safe and precise aerial measuring.

“With only seven minutes to photogrammetric measure 200 meters of a retaining wall, the efficiency of the AscTec Falcon 8 is truly impressive.” Norman Hallermann, Project Manager “Forschungsinitiative ZukunftBAU des Bundesministeriums (BMUB)” at University of Weimar.

/// Benefit from UAV- / drone-based building stock condition survey & inspection.

  • Improved sensing, sensor data processing and flight attitude control lead to unmatched flight performance and precision.
  • A new generation of inertial UAV sensors and an advanced data fusion concept enables precise positioning, accurate distance control.
  • The AscTec Falcon 8 provides more sensible awarness and prompt compensation of external forces like temperature, pressure and wind.
  • High flight stability and speed in combination with high quality of data acquisition.
  • The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) system AscTec Falcon 8 can be started everywhere; at close, uneven and turbulent spots, too.
  • More efficiency by more dynamic in any move.

  • Due to Quick Survey and AscTec Navigator automated waypoint navigation is quite simple.
  • Perfect for professional production of referenced image and geo data.
  • After a successful flight, save the waypoints and camera angles to exactly reproduce the project and generate comparable imagery.
  • The flight planning software AscTec Navigator allows you to exactly program, automate and reproduce flight paths.
  • Quick Survey enables PC-less waypoint navigation. All relevant parameters can be set via Mobile Ground Station and the UAV will start at the push of a button.
  • Plan an entire mission on your laptop or save individual waypoints, connected paths or complex flight curves.
  • You can export your data as CSV or directly as a processible PhototScan project [.psz].

  • UAV / Drone-based building stock condition survey and inspection.
  • UAV / Drone-based structural health monitoring and precision survey in civil engineering.
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey for cartography, orthophotography, topography, cadastral mapping, environmental impact assessment & land development.
  • UAV / Drone-based surveying and monitoring of infrastructure.
  • UAV / Drone-based surveying and monitoring of routes like roads, motorways, railways and track systems.
  • UAV / Drone-based object surveying and monitoring of constructions, buildings, structures and facades.
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts, subways etc.
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of cathedrals, monasteries, castles, ruins etc.
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of surfaces, embankments, dams, reservoirs, protective and retaining walls etc.
  • UAV / Drone-based surveying and measurements of objects and facilities to create point clouds, topographic data, digital terrain modelling, 3D modelling, reconstruction and volumetric analysis.
  • UAV / Drone-based construction site surveys and monitoring for documentation of construction progress.
  • UAV / Drone-based Remote sensing and surveying for archeological georeferencing, reconstruction and excavation monitoring.
  • UAV / Drone-based precision inspection and surveying of heritage monuments.

/// The AscTec Falcon 8: A proven UAV for structural health monitoring.

Mostly a few terrestrial measured control points serve for exactly geo-referencing any construction. From various altitudes, buildings, objects, constructions and monuments can be flown over and surveyed quickly, evenly and precisely within GPS tolerance. Particularly useful, in cases of remote working in hazardous areas. Vertical and oblique photography can be combined to generate accurate topographic data, digital terrain modelling and volumetric data analytics.

/// ”Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ Systems (UAV/UAS) for the inspection of structures“:

The AscTec Falcon 8 has proven its worth in structural condition assessment operations and building stock condition surveys of cathedrals, dams, bridges, walls, towers and wind turbines. In cooperation with the Bauhaus University Weimar we have been working on that research project for Germany’s Federal Institut for Reseach on Buliding, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR).

///Successful UAV / drone civil engineering operations.

Established in daily routines. Companies such as Avia-GIS in Belgium, the Swiss Vistadoc, Lerch Weber, in-Terra or Archeotech and the German companies Guido Morgenthal Technologien im Bauwesen, Viscan, HD Luvitec or PHT Airpictures as well as many others have been our customers from the beginning: down to the present day.

/// Worldwide UAV / drone distribution & operation support.

Topcon Positioning Group collaborate with Ascending Technologies for a worldwide distribution of of the AscTec®Falcon 8. An agreement gives Topcon exclusivity for the global distribution of the AscTec®Falcon 8 rotary-wing model, the GeoEXPERT and the InspectionPRO sensing and feature packages. The Topcon’s international dealer network will be able to serve your needs even better in the future.

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