UAV Aerial Imaging – HR Photos & Stills

The AscTec Falcon 8 is the perfect tool for professional aerial imagery. The multicopter offers excellent flight characteristic. Professionals and ambitious amateurs are delighted by perfect series of images – fully automated, with one click.

“The about 2kg AscTec Falcon 8 is the measure of all things in professional aerial photography. The integrated full format solution with direct control of shutter speed and aperture are indispensable features for commercial operation.” Peter Smiatek, Geschäftsführer, PHT Airpicture

/// Benefit from the technical details.

  • 360° free vision thanks to the patented V-shape.
  • The AscTec Falcon 8 is wind load champion and your guarantor for super focused aerial images.
  • Complete spherical and cylindrical panoramas with one battery charge only.
  • The lightest aerial drone with up to 36 megapixels of resolution.
  • The redundant propeller system is absolutely safe for both pilot and audience.

  • These functions were developed specifically for the production of professional aerial images. Focus entirely on your photo subject. Your flight system is your intelligent assistant.
  • Point-of-Interest (POI): Mark an object (point) for the camera to automatically align with during the flight.
  • Cylindrical panorama: Capture a cylindrical panorama with minimal overlap and very low stitching error rate.
  • Spherical panorama: Capture a complete gigapixel spherical panorama with 72 single images in only 3 minutes.

  • UAV / drone-based 360 panorama imaging: Cylindrical panoramas, spherical panoramas & area panoramas.
  • UAV / drone-based commercial & image photography: product photography, image shootings, commercial real-estate photography, tourism photography & event photography.
  • UAV / drone-based wide-angle imaging: Landscape photography, wildlife & nature photography.
  • UAV / drone-based monitoring and documentation of the construction progress.
  • UAV / drone-based remote sensing & observation in case of fire, accident, damage & disaster.
  • UAV / drone-based imaging automation for 360° panoramas, spherical panoramas and point-of-interest imaging.

/// A simple change of perspective to create lasting impressions.

When searching for the perfect image, it often comes down to only a few centimeters difference in the position of the camera. The AscTec Falcon 8 offers this precision. It allows you the freedom to select your perspective. Between light and shadow, horizon and zenith, every subject is available – and often just one “click” away.

/// Flexibility, efficiency and quality: Flying high at full resolution.

The AscTec Falcon 8 can be intuitively controlled and is immediately ready for operation. Under normal conditions, you will already be able to confidently pilot the aircraft after a few test flights, leaving you free to focus entirely on the photography. Fully automated image series increase your productivity and don’t just fulfill your customer’s wishes.

/// Between art and comfort: Flying can be so simple.

Over the years and in cooperation with our customers, we have refined the operation and usefulness of our flight systems especially for you, the photographer. Let us show you live! We would be happy to demonstrate the outstanding flight features of the AscTec Falcon 8. We would love you to challenge us – let us know what you need.

RPAS Portal by RUAS

11. May 2016

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Excellent HR Aerial Imaging by PHT Airpicture

28. October 2015

PHT Airpicture was founded in 2010 by Peter Smiatek and Helmut Himmighofen. The enterprise rapidly grew to a promising company and established itself on the European market as essential service provider for drone-based aerial imaging in high quality. Air pictures and more – exploit the drone potential as a team So PHT Airpicture provided not only high-quality aerial imaging services [...]

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The Commercial UAV Show & the Drone Ecosystem

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The Commercial UAV Show just opened its doors in London, UK. Matt Kellett, Business Development Manager for Mapping and OEM business at Topcon will be holding a speak there and present the unmanned aircraft system Topcon Falcon 8, powered by Ascending Technologies. Aiming at the commercial UAV market New capabilities and markets opened up in the UAV sector will be [...]

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Further success stories and successful UAV / drone operations from our customers using the AscTec Falcon 8 you can find here UAV / Drone Cases.