UAV Aerial Imaging – HD Film & Video

The AscTec Falcon 8 offers many extreme uses for filmmakers and studios, who want extraordinary scenes. The advantages of an AscTec Falcon 8 for professional use on set are its operability, low weight, maneuverability and price – especially when compared to other system capable of carrying a camera.

“With the new AscTec Trinity technology the AscTec Falcon 8 works like a virtual camera dolly. It’s like a flying steadicam.”

/// The technical details are your benefit.

  • The AscTec Falcon 8 is the world’s only multicopter of its class that is capable of carrying a camcorder entirely stable.
  • Programmable flight paths for 3-D flights that are exactly reproducible. Ideal for races or action courses.
  • Direct camcorder control.
  • Real one- & two-person controllability thanks to intelligent switch assignment and high-performance GPS.

  • A simple flight permission is sufficient for legal professional use of the flight system.
  • Separate video mode for steady tracking shots.
  • Your aerial maneuvers are actively softened; external influences are largely compensated.

  • Image films
  • Commercials
  • Product movies
  • Music clips
  • Real estate aerials
  • Sports & extreme sports movies

/// To ease tension behind the scenes:

More safety and stability with a focus on the scene. Through the professional use of an AscTec Falcon 8 on set, its advantages become obvious including its ease of use, low weight, speed, maneuverability and favorable cost – in particular in comparison to other camera-mounted flight systems. Other systems that are equipped with the same digital cameras have a comparative flight weight of more than 5 kilograms. That means stricter constraints at every shooting location, extra costs as a result of the individual flight permits required for each day of shooting and a greater risk every time it is used.

/// Smoother flight characteristics in video mode:

In video mode, the control input is actively softened. The video mode was specifically developed for complex film projects and offers features that are unique worldwide such as the capability of automatically flying any path or trajectory*. Imagine the AscTec Falcon 8 as a hovering steadicam that you can direct around the scene manually or according to pre-programmed settings, while adjusting the camera yourself – independently of the flight maneuver – and relying on the horizontal correction. No need for laying plates, stringing wires or installing mobile cranes. For low or high-altitude flights. In sunshine and twilight. Within and outside city limits, in valleys, canyons, over mountains, roofs, land or sea. Define the location and the time and, with AscTec Falcon 8, you’ll have the scene in the can in no time at all. Or repeat exactly the same flight as often as you like until you get the scene right.

/// Success as a matter of principle:

Fulfilling your needs is our ambition. What you see with the AscTec Falcon 8 is a product of sustainable research and subsequent further development. The available camcorder and camera options have been specially modified and optimized for aerial filming. Whether it’s an advertising film, image or music video: our system is ready to take on a leading role for you.