UAV Swarming

/// Team work thanks to UAV swarming / swarm intelligence.

UAV Swarming / swarm intelligence is a field of robotics research. Using appropriate software, our aerial robots can ascend synchronously, communicate with each other in mid air and create cross-references. Fixed formation group flights and complex acrobatic group flights are thus possible.

/// Super network, dance attack & world record.

United they are strong. UAVs flying in cooperation can create networks, transfer information, transport, or dance. They can be used as mobile radio stations or WLAN transmitters in regions lacking infrastructure or for spectacular air shows for marketing campaigns – to this date, knowledge about the usefulness of this technology is primarily theoretical, and it has not really been implemented yet. The AscTec Hummingbird is swarming world champion and holds the existing record with 60 synchronously flying systems.

* Programming and flight technique knowledge are required for the practical operation of our research flight systems. Please notice that some substantial information is only available in English.