UAV Applications

/// UAV applications – used worldwide for individual requirements.

What’s your project? Which kind of UAV applications do you focus on? Research and development or professional aerial photos? For several aerial imagery projects, we offer a wide range of current brand cameras. All choices of digital cameras, camcorders and sensors are fully integrated with the AscTec Camera Mount and easily exchangeable. You stay flexible at all times as result and you can change the payload as desired and select the suitable method of photography for your needs. Consider that for a useful operation of the research flight systems programming and aeronautic skills are prerequisite.

/// Successful UAV applications:

  • Surveying of objects and ground on the basis of orthographic photos to generate point clouds, volume calculations, digital height and 3D models.
  • Industrial inspection of solar parks, wind parks, power lines, engines and plants, and industrial parks. Offshore oil, gas and power plants and utilities – on- and offshore. Bridge inspection, visual structure assessment and monitoring, inspection and survey of structures.
  • Aerial images & photography: Advertising photography, product photography, real estate photography, landscape photography, up to 360° spherical panoramas, Point-of-Interest (POI) imaging and Circle-of-Interest (COI) imaging.
  • Aerial movies & videography: Image, advertising and product spots, music clips, sport & extreme sports footage.
  • Monitoring: Condition-analysis and target-analysis to document construction sites, structural monitoring, sound barrier and wall monitoring, excavation documentation, plant and wildlife preservation and conservation, or any kind of first-responder activities in crisis regions.

Further useful UAV applications:

  • UAV / Drone based industrial inspection, maintenance & repair of oil & gas platforms, assets, utilities, infrastructure & energy parks.
  • UAV / Drone based remote sensing for mapping & surveying.
  • UAV / Drone based precision agriculture for crop, soil and irrigation monitoring.
  • UAV / Drone based structural analysis in assessment, archaeology & heritage monument inspection.
  • UAV / Drone based documentation with aerial imaging.
  • UAVs / Drones as first responders in accident, fire or crisis.
  • UAV / Drone based flight dynamics & control theory research.
  • UAV / Drone based flight automation & reproduction.
  • UAV / Drone based computer vision & SLAM research.
  • UAV / Drone based swarming intelligence & networking.