UAV survey by Archéotech SA – Abbaye de Saint-Maurice, Valais, Switzerland

23. January 2015

The Swiss UAV survey and 3D measurement provider Archéotech is specialized on critical advances in the field of archeology and the preservation of national heritage monuments and artifacts.

For site topography in complex environments the company uses aerial or terrestrial measurements, with or without dense vegetation, their 3D laser digitization guarantees unprecedented results never before attained. One great project of the UAV survey and 3D measurement provider was successfully performed past year.

Project: Site topography and complete measurement of the Abbaye de Saint-Maurice in Valais, Switzerland.

This abbey is one of the oldest Christian Foundations located in the North of the Alps. Archéotech completed a full UAV measurement of the Abbaye de Saint-Maurice in Valais, Switzerland – from aerial survey to 3D model. Indeed the intention was to produce a precise 3D model of the complete abbey with its surroundings to enable the realization of a model in bronze (2/2 meters) in order to present the site seeing visitors.

It only took one day and 1.200 single shots. Though the flights in an alpine valley with very strong winds and high cliffs were very challenging. Despite the wind, the AscTec Falcon 8 ensured stability on the pivot point when making panoramas. Archéotech

All in all only 20 flights, for 50 panoramas at various altitudes, exactly 15, 25 and 35 meters above ground were neccessary to get the required high-resolution pictures and pixel information. To perform a highly efficient UAV survey flight 20 ground control points were marked and measured with GPS. The UAV survey flight of the AscTec Falcon 8 mounted with a Sony Alpha NEX-7 has been supplemented by a flight with eBee drone of SenseFly at an altitude of 70 meters over ground. Post processing with Agisoft PhotoScan, Geomagic and 3DMax Archéotech all pictures were calculated and post-processed generating orthophotographic  3D models. With the chosen methodology it was possible to build up an urban prototype in only a few days with high accuracy. For instance Agisoft PhotoScan made it possible and easy to mix images from different cameras and with different flight strategies.

About Archéotech SA: Partner with many international leaders in the field of laser measuring, Archéotech SA has at its disposal a vast holding of short and long-range 3D laser scanners, capable of creating images of areas that range from a few microns to several kilometers. Archéotech SA is also the owner of software and powerful workstations that are fitted with retro-designed equipment, all of which is constantly updated. Since 1979, Archéotech SA specializes in archeological and architectural surveys. Archéotech SA’s list of credits contains thousands of surveys, notably of art works, and archeological sites both in Switzerland and abroad. For years Archéotech relies on the AscTec Falcon 8 besides other survey euipment and measurement devices.

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