UAV Fire Prevention by GRID-IT

11. February 2015


At this year’s fire prevention trade fair and congress FeuerTRUTZ in Nürnberg, Germany, UAV fire prevention and drone-based fire danger zone observation will be great topics. Remotely piloted tiny aerial inspection drones could surely save time and resources in critical situations. The FeuerTRUTZ Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection is one of the leading German fire and crisis protection fairs.

Over 180 exhibitors will demonstrate special products from construction material and elements to new product creations as well as technical devices and search or rescue systems like drones. Whether you use those unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for accident or fire inspections to analyse structure conditions of destroyed buildings in danger of collapsing or for thermal and visual remote sensing to search and rescue.

Our customer GRID-IT succesfully provides professional drone and geo data processing services – and will show its service there, too. For a long time the surveying and geo data specialist relies on the AscTec Falcon 8 to complement traditional surveying devices efficiently. GRID-IT moreover provides an own software tool and enables accurate processing with the GRID.flightmanager. It properly assigns image and geo position data. Depending on customer’s requirements the Austrian company would generate aerial images and offer orthophotos, digital surface models / digital elevation models or point clouds in LAS formate. In case of fire or disaster first repsonders could immediately decide based on aerial thermal and still imagery, due to live HD monitoring on the Mobile Ground Station.

„Our intention is to save human lives and minimize the risks to our task forces” says Dr. Daniela Lesmeister, Chairwoman of I.S.A.R. Germany. Short before for using the AscTec Falcon 8 in Palo, Philippinnes after the Typhoon Haiyan left it destoyed. Remote sensing made it possible to orientate and find an appropriate camp field without any local infrastructure.

In fire cases or catastrophes fire fighters could decide based on aerial live HD image and information from the Mobile Groundstation. A inspection payload would provide georeferenced thermal and still imagery to detect and locate seat of fire, survivors and trouble spots. At the FeuerTRUTZ Congress experts will discuss topical issues such as “Advantages and challenges of professional drone use in fire prevention, accidents, and crises.” Today in Germany and overseas some fire fighters, police, human aid organisations and expert offices already put their trust in the AscTec Falcon 8. For instance the Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), fire and police stations in Frankfurt, Dortmund and Thüringen or the Humanitarian Aid Organisation I.S.A.R. Germany.

Coming special fire and crisis prevention exhibitions:

  • FeuerTRUTZ – Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection: 18.02.2015 – 19.02.2015 | Nürnberg |
  • INTERSCHUTZ – world’s leading exhibition for rescue, fire prevention, disaster relief, safety an security: 8.–13.06.2015 | Hannover |
  • RETTmobil – European Leading Exhibition for Rescue and Mobility: 6.–8.05.2015 | Fulda |

Referenzen zum erfolgreichen Drohneneinsatz für Brandschutz, Katastrophen- & Rettungseinsätze:

About GRID-IT: The Austrian drone and service provider offers skilled geographers, cartographers and geoinformatics, who are inspired for earth observation and geo-technology. Working with satellite and drone images for demanding customers and provide usable and cost-efficient solutions like remotely operated aerial vehicles is the ambitious goal.

Please note: Ascending Technologies develop and produce UAV, multirotor and autopilot technology, but provide no service. For further information about the professional drone and service provider please directly contact GRID-IT:

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