10 Years YouTube – Top 10 UAV Videos

14. February 2015

Ascending Technologies congratulates the leading video network with an Ascending Technologies top ten list: Top 10 UAV Videos with multi-rotor systems, autopilot systems or UAV- and drone technology from Ascending Technologies. Top 10 UAV Videos – #1: Raffaello D’Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | TED | 1 year ago | 4.403.434 views Top 10 UAV Videos – #2: [...]

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Two Special Awards in the IARC14 go to the AscTec Pelican

27. January 2015

Two Special Awards in the World’s Premier Aerial Robotics Challenge IARC14 go to the AscTec Pelican. The CVG-UPM in collaboration with the Dept. of Artificial Intelligence (DIA) have participated past year as its first time in the IARC challenge, the International Aerial Robotics Competition that is the longest running collegiate aerial robotics challenge in the world. The competition started 2014 [...]

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Christmas greetings & review 2013

18. December 2013

Ascending Technologies says „Thanks“ for an amazing year 2013! Review 2013 March: Cooperation with Ars Electronica for Paramount Pictures to enlighten the London skyline with 30 AscTec Hummingbirds right at 2:30 Earth Hour with the Star Trek We say thank you for that magnificent moment to our friends in Austria and to Paramount. April: PCP-Tour – Cooperation and presentation at [...]

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AscTec Pelican wins 6th IARC competition.

9. September 2013

It is no great surprise at all, but in some way satisfying: Again an AscTec Pelican won the International Aerial Robot Competition (IARC) to attest its unique flying and ‘brainpower’ abilities as being ‘state of the art’. This victory confirms the technological progress and constant research and development usability of our flying robot. No other UAV, ROAV or UAS was [...]

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Impressionen ICRA 2013 – International Conference on Robotics & Automation

7. May 2013

International audience at the ICRA 2013. Over 1,000 visitors found theirselves in between the elite of research and development regarding robotics and automation. Next year the ICRA is going to take place in Hong Kong, China. And we already are looking forward to meet there many of you again. The opening party community gathers around the AscTec Firefly pilots that [...]

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Ascending Technologies at the ICRA 2013 in Karlsruhe

6. May 2013

To discuss cutting edge in robotics and automation this year’s IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation is located in Karlsruhe. Initiating the 2013 conference there will be a special flight show: Four AscTec Firefly systems will be mounted with letters and numbers to enlighten the skyline of Karlsruhe at the dawn – writing “ICRA 2013”. “After the great show [...]

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