AscTec Firefly: Netexplo Award Winner 2016

19. February 2016

The AscTec Firefly UAS drone has been awarded the Netexplo Award 2016 for its impact on society and business. The redundant research drone is established as programmable unmanned aircraft system in leading universities and R&D labs worldwide. Moreover the AscTec Firefly is involved in many challenging research projects. Netexplo (“Netexplorateur” until late 2011) is an independent observatory that studies the [...]

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ETHZ: Drones with a Sense of Direction

10. November 2015

Drones with a sense of direction? Yes. A small group of researchers from the ETH Zurich successfully tested an AscTec Firefly research drone autonomously creating a 3-D map of an unfamiliar environment. Good new for commercial drone operators Commercial drones are starting to be used for tasks like inspecting oil rigs and crops. But they still require a highly skilled [...]

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Back to the Future 12 – Drones & Self-Awareness

21. October 2015

Intel’s RealSense camera module, which weighs as little as 8 grams and is less than 4mm thick, brings depth perception to drones both indoors and outdoors with minimal impact to payload and flight times. A new level of intelligence and self-awareness to the drone ecosystem could change the way we see drones. Drones with 360° self-awareness 360° depth cameras, powerful [...]

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Back to the Future 11 – AEROWORKS

21. September 2015

Collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers: AEROWORKS envisions a novel aerial robotic team that possesses the capability to autonomously conduct infrastructure inspection and maintenance tasks, while additionally providing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to human-operators. AEROWORKS Aim – UAV interaction, perception & planning intelligence With ageing infrastructure in developing-and-developed countries, and with the gradual expansion of distributed installations, the costs of inspection and [...]

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Back to the Future 6 – “Robots and fire” from ICRA to CES

21. April 2015

To discuss cutting edge in robotics and automation almost two years ago the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2013) took place in Karlsruhe, Germany. The opening flight show was than performed by four AscTec Firefly systems. They were carrying one letter on the front and one number on the back each enlightening the skyline of Karlsruhe at [...]

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10 Years YouTube – Top 10 UAV Videos

14. February 2015

Ascending Technologies congratulates the leading video network with an Ascending Technologies top ten list: Top 10 UAV Videos with multi-rotor systems, autopilot systems or UAV- and drone technology from Ascending Technologies. Top 10 UAV Videos – #1: Raffaello D’Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | TED | 1 year ago | 4.403.434 views Top 10 UAV Videos – #2: [...]

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Back to the Future 3 – Drones for Water Quality

21. January 2015

Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA: Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, promise to help humans perform hundreds of jobs better, but most are limited to obtaining aerial views. UNL computer scientists Carrick Detweiler and Sebastian Elbaum are developing UAVs based on research with the AscTec Firefly that interact with the environment, greatly expanding their potential uses.

Best Drone: AscTec Firefly with Intel RealSense

10. January 2015

Best drone: AscTec Firefly with Intel RealSense The magazine The Verge, which covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture, awards at the International CES 2015: AscTec Firefly with Intel Real Sense as the best drone.