UAV inspection & survey of Germany’s highest dam

26. June 2015

Reservoirs and dams today are part of a complex water industry systems. Thorough maintenance and complex servicing operations are highly safety critical. Reservoirs’ providers maintain, preserve and manage reservoires and dams according to the directives of the Federal Water Act. However material and plant inspections are still quite expensive. We successfully tested latest UAV technology to support that work quite [...]

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Cyberhawk passes 10,000 commercial UAV flights!

22. June 2015

On Tuesday 9th June Cyberhawk completed its 10,000th commercial flight with remotely piloted aircraft systems (ROAV). Chief Pilot, Mark Sickling, and Survey Manager, Stuart Thomas, completed this milestone in the East of England, supporting a project for a proposed high efficiency power station for a major utility company. A quarter of time with AscTec Trinity The survey was completed using [...]

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3D Laser Scanning & UAV Photogrammetry

11. June 2015

2D equalisation & vectorisation of measured data Traditional photogrammetry includes two-dimensional equalisation of digital image data. But conventional vectorisation of georeferenced imagery is quite time-consuming. By the use of high-resolution aerial imaging you achieve the required level of detail. At the same time position accuracy established by a high-tech UAV like the AscTec Falcon 8 provides precise measurement. On the [...]

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Industrial & civil infrastructure inspection

3. June 2015

Using a micro-UAV, that’s mobile, precisely controllable and ready-to-takeoff can provide crucial information. An advanced platform like the AscTec Falcon 8 offers enormous potential for the complete industrial and civil infrastructure inspection sector. Industrial & civil inspection benefits by high-class sensors You inspect and monitor your oil and gas platforms, industrial assets, energy parks and utilities, transportation systems and traffic [...]

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UAV- / Drone-based documentation 3.0

25. May 2015

vistaplus offers a visual documentation tool for projects in the construction industry, landfill- and landscape area, as well as to the issues of quality controlling and occupational safety: vistadoc. Web-based documentation per UAV / drone For many years the experienced UAV pilot Peter Burri and CEO from vistaplus has been working with the Bavarian octocopter AscTec Falcon 8. Focusing on the construction [...]

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Back to the Future 7 – Infrastructure Inspection for Network Rail

21. May 2015

Four companies have been awarded a place on a three-year national framework agreement for UAV / drone infrastructure inspection and survey by Network Rail. Two of the professional inspection providers rely on technology from Ascending Technologies. One will prove itself indispensible: The well-established AscTec Falcon 8. 20,000 miles of track & 40,000 bridges and tunnels The Network Rail Framework Agreement is one of [...]

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GMTIB – Professional UAV- / drone-based bridge inspection

15. May 2015

Bridge inspection per UAV / Drone: The specialised boutique consulting firms BACH+BACH and Guido Morgenthal Technologien im Bauwesen (GMTIB) using the AscTec Falcon 8 to inspect the Anna-Ebert-Bridge in Magdeburg, Germany. Photo: Christina Bendigs ( Structural engineering meets high-tech UAV / drone Of course our customers know the efficiency and further unmatched characteristics of our professional unmanned sensing flight platform AscTec Falcon 8. Yet the public tend [...]

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Sky-Futures attracts Europe’s largest ever UAV / drone investment

12. May 2015

MMC Ventures invests £2.5m in Series A! Sky-Futures, our customer and leading provider of UAV- / drone-based inspection services for the oil and gas industry, has raised £2.5m from award-winning venture capital fund, MMC Ventures. The Series A investment – the largest ever into drone technology in Europe – comes after a year of significant expansion for the business, growing by 700% in FY2014. This [...]

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