UAS Surveying: Surveying Made Easy!

14. September 2015

Now available: New AscTec Professional Line catalogue!

Explore impressive enhancements in any UAS application due to AscTec Trinity. Such as easy surveying made possible by the new Quick Survey function. Simply enter required parameters via Mobile Ground Station to perform land surveying at the site – without PC support. Order the Topcon Falcon 8, powered by Ascending Technologies from our new and exclusive worldwide UAS distribution partner Topcon.

The AscTec Professional Line catalogue contains some more UAS payloads, features and functions. Preview of content:

  • UAV Inspection & Monitoring: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Inspection PRO
  • UAV Surveying & Mapping: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Geo EXPERT
  • UAV Surveying & Civil Engineering: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Geo EXPERT
  • UAV Precision Agriculture: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Agri PRECISION
  • UAV Aerial Imaging – HR Photos & Stills: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Photo EXPERT
  • UAV Aerial Imaging – HD Film & Video: AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity + Video EXPERT

Download a complete digital version here:

UAS Surveying & live demonstration at INTERGEO

Meet Ascending Technologies at INTERGEO in hall 6 stand D6.033 or visit our distribution partner Topcon directly next to us in hall 6 stand C6.025 or at Intergeo’s UAS flight zone outdoor. You can find a schedule of the flight zone programm here: Intergeo Flight Zone Programm 2015. Our daily demonstration is at 12.30 there. We daily So if you do spontaneously decide to see us, simply ask for free eCodes and convert it to e-tickets here.