UAV- / Drone-based documentation 3.0

25. May 2015

vistaplus offers a visual documentation tool for projects in the construction industry, landfill- and landscape area, as well as to the issues of quality controlling and occupational safety: vistadoc.

Web-based documentation per UAV / drone

For many years the experienced UAV pilot Peter Burri and CEO from vistaplus has been working with the Bavarian octocopter AscTec Falcon 8. Focusing on the construction industry. A large number of successful projects have been finished since then. Now the Swiss UAV service provider launched a full service portal. The web-based documentation tool is an online data base containing several project files. vistadoc captures all stages of construction progress, from kick-off through to project completion. The High-Performance-GPS-copter positions highly accurate navigated by GPS-based waypoint control and generates high-quality photos. Those enable consolidated knowledge for sustainable project evaluation.

Quality control & construction phase inspection

Developers, investors, general and total service contractors, architects, engineers, specialist planners or responsible authorities or taxpayers, if projects have been supported with public funding can take a look at project status and results of condition measurements. International project partners can thus access the complete UAV / drone based documentation.

Useful for construction monitoring

On request vistaplus brings the total documentation on your screen, clear and connected at all times – per public link or authorised login. Useful data management tools enable administration and organisation of all the stills, videos, thermal images and geo information. Schedules and milestones can be controlled remotely. Decisions can be made quickly in conference circuits. Complete processes as well as single production steps can be verified in details. All images and data can be used for sales and marketing purposes, too. That’s construction inspection and documentation 3.0.

Licensees wanted!

In Switzerland and Europe vistaplus now is looking for licensees for vistadoc. Find further information here: