Sky-Futures Signs First Global Aerial Inspection Contract with Eni

15. February 2017

Sky-Futures will deploy drones at Eni facilities as part of a three-year global contract, established February 14th, 2017. The global contract is the first of its kind between a gas and oil company, and a drone- based service provider. The contract signals a change to the approach of safety and inspection on behalf of the gas and oil industry.

Eni, an Italian oil and gas major, operates 9,241 active wells, in over 66 countries worldwide. Eni also operates Goliat, the world´s northernmost offshore oil field.

Reacting to several incidents on the Goliat since the start of production, the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) issued two orders on January 19th, 2017; to assess the technical condition of the facility. The contract established between Sky-Futures and Eni, follows Eni´s commitment to the safety of workers and personnel, its platforms, and the environment.

Sky-Futures areal inspections using the AscTec Falcon 8, has a broad array of applications for Eni, and the gas and oil sector. The benefits of UAS inspection include: reduced downtime of plants and assets, and the reduction of costs for temporary infrastructure (such as scaffolding or cranes).

The overall impact of using drones increases asset safety: asset health can be precisely forecasted, and necessity for repairs can be precisely pinpointed. All repairs can be proactively implemented before any safety issues occur. Aerial inspections reduce, and sometimes completely eliminate, the need for working at height on scaffolding or ropes.

During the lean years for the gas and oil market, Eni invested in technology, strengthening data processing and cloud connectivity. This investment resulted in the finding of some of the largest gas sites aound the globe. Eni, by partnering with Sk-Futures and the Falcon 8 professional drones, will benefit further from aerial technology, through precise imaging and expert analysis, forecasting any operational safety issues and structural problems before they occur.