Sky-Futures: First UAV Inspection in the USA completed

8. October 2015

Sky-Futures USA successfully completes the first UAV Inspection in Houston, Texas, USA.

Sky-Futures’ UAV inspection for oil & gas industry

Sky-Futures USA based in Houston, Texas performed their first commercial operation. A major American oil and gas company contacted Sky-Futures to carry out an inspection 80 miles East of Houston. Within 36 hours of contacting Sky-Futures, a UAV inspection team comprising a remote pilot and inspection engineer was mobilised and conducted the onshore inspection work with an AscTec Falcon 8 drone.

“It was a successful first job which we were able to execute quickly yet safely. This demonstrates our ability to support global operations for the world’s largest oil companies. We look forward to significantly growing Sky-Futures USA to further support our client base.” James Harrison, Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

Due to the increasing UAV inspection market in the USA, particularly in the energy sector, Sky-Futures had opened an own UAV inspection base in Houston after having been awarded an FAA Section 333 Exemption approval for commercial drone operations in America. The highly experienced UAV inspection service provider with over 8,500 hours of experience offers cost effective, fast and flexible inspection solutions worldwide.

Sky-Futures’ UAV inspection service portfolio

  • Live flare stack inspections
  • General topside work
  • Splash zone inspections
  • Under deck inspections
  • Decommissioning
  • Emergency inspections

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About Sky-Futures: The business is headquartered in London with offices in Houston TX, USA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Aberdeen in Scotland. Sky-Futures operates around the world providing drone inspection services and unmanned technology solutions to its significant Oil and Gas client-base. Founded in 2009, Sky-Futures is the leading specialist Oil and Gas drone inspection provider globally. Using High Definition (HD) video, stills and thermal imagery data that the drones collect, technical reports are written by highly qualified in-house global industry experts in flare systems and structural engineering. Sky-Futures has over 8500 hours of aviation experience, providing live flare, structural and under deck inspections onshore and offshore. Sky-Futures is growing fast, and is set to continue to grow as the world’s leading drone inspection operator in Oil and Gas. Sky-Futures already has a footprint of over 30 clients globally, and works in over 10 countries across 5 regions of the world.

For more information about Sky-Futures UAV inspection service and sales in the USA, please directly contact:

Derek Black, Vice President Business Development, Sky-Futures USA
+1 713-325-1122 /// ///