SENASA RPAS pilot training with AscTec Falcon 8

2. July 2015

SENASA successfully incorporated the AscTec Falcon 8 into an official pilot education and training programme. In cooperation with The Drone Institute a new course starts in July (from 16 to 18).

Survey, inspection & remote sensing per RPAS

To hold a Basic and Advanced RPAS Pilots theoretical knowledge Certificate or an acceptable license/degree under Article 50.5 of Law 18/2014 of 14 October for Spain, you need to finish such a course. Amongst basic and expert knowledge about remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) you receive useful piloting and operation information in following areas.

  • Survey of land and structures with UAV / drone support: Survey of diverse objects like landfills, sand pits, stone pits, gravel pits and coal pits, for volume calculation, point cloud generation, exact location and construction planning, topographic aerial imaging such as structural analysis and monitoring of construction progress.
  • Industrial inspection of plants, infrastructure and energy parks: Inspection of renewables like wind and solar parks, inspection of power lines and railways, inspection of bridges, tunnels, dams and diverse utilities and infrastructural assets.
  • Remote Sensing for multispectral inspections in forestry and agriculture: Analyse irrigation, crop and soil conditioning of your farms and plantations for smart agricultural development.

Further information about the AscTec Falcon 8 course at SENASA, please find here:

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SENASA recommends RPAS AscTec Falcon 8

SENASA is part of the Spanish Interior and Construction Ministry and one of the greatest flight schools. Now they offer RPAS/UAV pilot training. For that reason SENASA tested diverse professional flight systems and chose the AscTec Falcon 8 from the AscTec Professional Line.

After months of total prohibition the commercial UAV use on 7th July 2014 had been permitted under more restrictive conditions. Thus a RPAS pilot licence from an authorised institution is required now. To get such a UAV pilot licence you must pass an examination containing of theory (60 h) and practice (8–10 h). Only a nationally accredited flight school is allowed to train and examine that.

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