SENASA relies on AscTec Falcon 8

10. November 2014
SENASA relies on AscTec Falcon 8


SENASA successfully incorporated the AscTec Falcon 8 into an official pilot education and training programme. SENASA stands for “Services and Studies for Air Navigation and Aeronautical Safety” and was founded in 1990. Today it is one of the most established Spanish aviation companies well-known for its expertise, pilot training programmes and technical consultation.

After several months of total prohibition the commercial UAV use on 7th July 2014 was allowed again. However an official pilot licence is mandatory now. To get such a UAV pilot licence you must pass an examination containing of theory (60 h) and practice (8–10 h). Only a nationally accredited flight school is allowed to train and examine that.


SENASA is part of the Spanish Interior and Construction Ministry and one of the greatest flight schools. Now they offer RPAS/UAV pilot training. For that reason SENASA tested diverse professional flight systems and chose the AscTec Falcon 8 from the AscTec Professional Line. You have the opportunity to experience the AscTec Falcon 8 live in Spain on our road show now.

Since its creation in 1990, SENASA, has evolved into the society that it is today, a dynamic company, with a long tradition in aeronautics in the areas of training, consultancy and technical assistance, that has acquired a global commitment to aviation safety and with the Environment, which enables it to enhance its presence in the different activities that make up the aerospace sector in its entirety. 2011 SENASA became Associate member of TRAINAIR PLUS (ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization) and Associate member of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization).

Finally SENASA has reached an agreement with us for the execution of the practical training as a complement for this course. For more information, please read below point “Practical training with Ascending Technologies”. Find further information:

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