RPAS Portal by RUAS

11. May 2016

RUAS (former Resource Group), a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) National Qualified Entity (NQE) training organisation successfully launched its RPAS Portal past year to enhance and streamline worldwide RPAS operations.

Cloud-based RPAS Portal support RPAS pilots & operators

The RPAS Portal is an integrated, web-based, software solution created to streamline the day to day activities of RPAS pilots and operators. The portal gives users online access to the system anytime, anywhere. Hence it is designed to provide a central location, actively promoting airworthiness, safety and the maintenance of flight logs. The Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems Portal, in short RPAS Portal, you can find at www.RPASportal.com. Managing a commercial drone operation just got easier, more efficient, and safer.

RUAS has created the RPAS Portal to address the growing concerns within the aviation sector and amongst the general public for safety and data protection whilst operating drones. So RUAS will promote best practice and safety compliance within a rapidly growing industry based upon a wealth of experience in drone pilot education and operation.

“With the recent release of the House of Lords report and the UK CAA CAP 722 guidance documentation, the focus on safety when operating unmanned aircraft is sharper than ever. RUAS has a long tradition of supplying training and professional support services to the Aviation sector and holds many accreditations from the UK CAA, not least of which is our accreditation as a National Qualified Entity (NQE) to deliver required RPAS training leading to CAA Permissions for Aerial Work. Building on our safety ethos, we use our knowledge, expertise and established training solutions to educate RPAS operators and pilots as well as RPAS service clients on how to deliver safe and effective RPAS operations. Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of the RUAS RPAS Portal. The RPAS Portal is an excellent platform for the entire RPAS community and through our close links with both Industry experts and regulators we have established an extensive functionality road map to ensure all RPAS Portal users stay ahead of the rapidly evolving curve.” Reg Gott, CEO of RUAS.

RPAS operation guidance & safety

The RPAS Portal is built around an online database that provides process forms, reporting formats and regulatory guidance to improve the consistency of operators’ approach to providing RPAS services including requirements related to data protection. Data on the RPAS Portal is securely stored and can be used by an operator (individual or corporate) to support Currency and Competency (C2) and Safety case submissions. The portal provides a level playing field for all RPAS operators by recognising and supporting qualifications from all National Qualified Entity (NQE) training providers.

RUAS believes the RPAS Portal is of enormous benefit to the RPAS industry by providing a convenient, efficient and secure tool through which pilots and operators can share details of their flights with other airspace users, the general public and the regulatory authorities. The RPAS Portal greatly reduces the amount of time spent planning, managing, recording and reporting information thereby driving efficiency whilst promoting a safety first, best practice approach.

The RPAS Portal is of relevance to all RPAS stakeholders, including RPAS service clients searching for RPAS service providers meeting their project criteria.

Source: www.ruas.co.uk