Real UAV / Drone Benefits for Energy Sector & Industry

27. February 2015

Since Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (ROAVs), otherwise known as UAVs or drones, were first deployed in the North Sea four years ago by global innovator, Cyberhawk, an inspection revolution has been bubbling away. Today the complete energy sector and industry can tell from real UAV / drone benefits. Increasing demand for inspections in many industries and too much auspicious advantages of efficient UAV inspections causes the market’s growth. As in spite of all the critics: The unmanned aerial vehicle AscTec Falcon 8 stood the test a thousand times.

A game-changer in the industry, ROAV technology represents the perfect screening tool that can detect anomalies and issues while a plant is still operating. What’s more, since inspections can be carried out from the back of a supply boat, very often there’s not even a need for personnel to be on board the oil rigs, avoiding the common problem of insufficient bed space. Unmanned multi-rotor sensor platforms like the AscTec Falcon 8 enabled vertical takeoffs and stable flight performances even in windy environments.

Today the list of customers and partners for whom and with whom Cyberhawk works and worked on successful projects reads like a «Who’s Who» of all sectors of industry. Above all the oil, gas and energy industries.

Not long ago SeaEnergy signed a joint marketing agreement with Cyberhawk to offer Cyberhawk’s aerially-captured images as an enhancement to the standard R2S Visual Assessment Managment offering. A first project had been completed successfully and they saw real “UAV / drone benefits” for clients in incorporating Cyberhawk imagery within the R2S VAM models. SeaEnergy is currently establishing an offshore energy services business, which aims to provide access and other services to the expanding offshore wind industry as well as to other offshore energy clients, and also holds a number of investments in oil & gas.

Another major contract will keep our customer busy. Cyberhawk Innovations, has been awarded a place on a three-year national framework agreement with Network Rail for the provision of Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (ROAV) services. One could say, the contract is nothing less than a proof of the real and tremendous UAV / drone benefits for industries and authorities. Cyberhawk was one of four suppliers to be awarded the contract, which covers the UAV / drone-based inspection of the complete British railway infrastructure of Network Rail. Following subtasks included:

  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of the complete British railway infrastructure owned and operated by Network Rail
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of all overhead line equipment
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of constructions, buildings and structures
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of viaducts and subways
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of bridges, tunnels and level crossings
  • UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of land, embankments, dams and retaining walls
  • Full professional service including post-incident support like post-processing and preparing the image and geodata sets for construction assessment, structure analysis, measurement and checking
  • Full professional pilot service and support of engineers and operators at the spot.

More efficiency, precision and safety due to reliable aerial imaging and geodata

The Network Rail Framework Agreement is Cyberhawk’s first framework contract in the transport sector. Network Rail runs, maintains and develops rail tracks, signalling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and 18 stations in the UK, with over 20,000 miles of track and 40,000 bridges and tunnels. The use of ROAVs will reduce the amount of working at height required on Network Rail’s assets, and increase the speed and accuracy of data collection to provide cost-effective survey and inspection information.

“This contract underlines the huge benefits of information provided by Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (ROAVs) in complex industrial settings. Network Rail recognised the potential for this technology several years ago and have been very forward thinking in setting up this national framework agreement. Cyberhawk’s remote aerial surveys and inspections will help to reduce the need for working at height and minimise disruption to customers.” Says Cyberhawk CEO, Craig Roberts.

UAV / Drone-based inspection’s added value: higher safety and savings

Right now after the fall in oil prices many oil companies think of a more effective way to make production more efficient and inspection safe. The low oil price is forcing oil and gas leaders to change their business model to protect their bottom line. One option: Minimise shutdowns and keep Turnarounds (TARs) tightly on schedule.

“To do this, operators must routinely check the integrity of their assets, especially those whose maintenance requires operations to be shutdown. Inspections of this kind, typically involving hard-to-reach assets, used to mean costly scaffolding, Rope Access Technician (RAT) teams and a delay to production. – Not any more.” Says Cyberhawk’s Global Sales Manager, Patrick Saracco.

It’s the combination of highly trained pilots, experienced inspection engineers and land surveyors, long-standing experience in the inspection services from RAT to ROAV and last but not least the advanced hightech drone AscTec Falcon 8, that makes Cyberhawk such a reliable institution. No wonder to see Cyberhawk’s growing ROAV fleet of familiar V-form Octocopters from the Bavarian autopilot and multi-rotor developer Ascending Technologies. The AscTec Falcon 8 is helpful providing high quality and detailed inspection and land survey information to the oil and gas, renewable and utilities sectors. With their pioneer work Cyberhawk revolutionised the industry inspection and surveying market sustainably. Energy sector and industry already profit from UAV / drone benefits. Finally consumers benefit as well. Improved supervision surely will make industrial plants more safe. And because of better security and punctuality in train traffic, due to improved railway infrastructure.

Please note: Ascending Technologies develops and produces UAV, multirotor and autopilot technology, but provides no service. For further information on professional ROAV / UAV / drone service  please directly contact Cyberhawk Innovations:

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