Next Milestones for Volocopter

7. August 2017

Worlds´ first test operation of autonomous air taxis in Dubai to begin this year. 25 million euros of fresh capital for the purely electric-powered Volocopter.

Autonomous driving will not only be tested on the road. In the future autonomous air taxis will give a new dimension to urban mobility. This future has already begun, the world’s first trial of air taxis starts in Dubai in the fourth quarter of this year. This trial is set to run for the next 5 years. The State transport authority of Dubai “Roads and Transport Authority” (RTA) and the German company Volocopter, have concluded the agreement for the regular test operations of autonomous Airtaxis. Dubai plans to shift 25% of all passenger travel to autonomous forms of transportation by as early as 2030. The Dubai testing promises to help developing new flight regulations and to build the ecosystem for autonomous air transport.

The vision of Volocopter is an aircraft which is safe, suitable for transporting two passengers, quiet and an environmentally friendly transportation solution, capable of revolutionizing mobility in cities. This vision has also impressed investors. 25 million euros of fresh capital was invested by Daimler AG and the Berlin technology investor, Lukasz Gadowski for Volocopter and their fully electric air taxi capable of vertical take-off and landings.

Intel Capital is an investor in Volocopter. Since 2013, the former Ascending Technologies, now Intel have been closely collaborating on technology development.

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