Heavy-duty Drones – Visions & Potentials

8. December 2015

Volocopter VC200 making history in helicopter – and maybe unmanned – aviation. VTOL technology at an affordable price will become easier and more safe.

Flight safety by redundancy

The Volocopter is all about pure fun flying and maximum safety. The inclusive redundancy concept provides safety. For instance an engine failure would be and a pilot error could be compensated immediately. All flight and safety relevant systems are multiplied, control each other and compensate for failure. Errors cannot always be avoided, and this also applies to flying. With this knowledge we have developed a technology which offers an unparalleled level of safety in the private aviation sector by means of its redundant electronics. All the safety-relevant components are present multiple times, mutually monitor each other and compensate for the malfunction of components. This means there is no danger even if several motors cease functioning.

The revolutionary safety & propulsion system of the Volocopter will serve as a platform for additional aviation systems in the future. It is the perfect platform both for vertical takeoff manned aircraft and also for heavy-duty drones. The flight concept of the Volocopter facilitates piloted, remote-controlled or even completely autonomous air operations. In this way the most diverse applications purposes will become possible.

Heavy-duty drones – potentials

The Volocopter, no matter whether it flies unmanned, using remote controls or autonomously, additionally forms the platform for future heavy-duty drones. We can proudly claim that no other civil system can transport loads of up to several hundred kilograms so safely and precisely.

  • Heavy-duty drones for precision agriculture: Autonomous farming in smart land management.
  • Heavy-duty drones for cargo, logistics and delivery services: Point to point transportation of heavy loads.
  • Heavy-duty drones for disaster relief: Search and Rescue operations and improvement of the first aid chain.
  • Heavy-duty drones as sensing platform for physical measurement devices (geophysics, searches for raw materials, mine detection)
  • etc.

Heavy-duty drones – Concepts

The modular flight systems can be developed in various size categories. In this case a purely electric or hybrid form of propulsion can be used depending on your requirements. In line with demand the product family will be systematically extended by manned and unmanned systems. We have already developed the concepts for this.

  • uVC100: The uVc is a compact heavy duty drone with a considerable load capacity. The diameter of the rotor plane of the uVC100 amounts to approx. 5.40 meters.
  • uVC200: The uVc200 can be constructed at short notice as it is based on the already existing VC200. In this case a large portion of the modular components of the VC200 are used. The diameter of the rotor plane of the uVC200 amounts to approx. 7.60 meters.
  • uVC400: The uVC400 is a heavy duty drone with hitherto unparalleled levels of performance. The diameter of the rotor plane of the uVC400 amounts to approx. 10.80 meters. An additional scaling is plausible.

Quelle: http://www.volocopter.com/index.php/en/produkt-konzepte-en