Industrial & civil infrastructure inspection

3. June 2015

Using a micro-UAV, that’s mobile, precisely controllable and ready-to-takeoff can provide crucial information. An advanced platform like the AscTec Falcon 8 offers enormous potential for the complete industrial and civil infrastructure inspection sector.

Industrial & civil inspection benefits by high-class sensors

You inspect and monitor your oil and gas platforms, industrial assets, energy parks and utilities, transportation systems and traffic routes, communication and power networks as well as structural infrastructures. Depending on your specific requirements you simply choose one of our fully integrated camera / payload options. For instance take the own-developed Inspection Payload TZ61. It is a smart camera combination of a digital camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ61 and a infrared camera FLIR TAU 2 640 able to produce synchronously JPGS and georeferenced 14-Bit RAW thermal images. Or take a digital camera Sony Alpha 7R with 36 Megapixel resolution and 35 mm full-frame sensor. The level of detail is unrivalled. Crucial decisions can be made relying on the correctness of the geo and image data.

VTOL data for comprehensive information systems

UAV- / drone-supported inspections can be done quickly with VTOL systems, that simply takeoff vertically to reach remote spots and have high-resolution imagery for rapid live reports or post-processing and accurate analysis of details. Information systems and online communication platforms like Cyberhawk’s iHawk and RUAS’s RPAS Portal offer immediate information for on and offsite evaluation and better-informed decision making. Monitoring in emergency and critical situations may be meaningful, too. But only frequent and preventative monitoring of infrastructure will ensure quality and safety of assets and constructions sustainably.

UAV Equipment & usable payload

UAV – Flight system:

  • Type: V-Form Octocopter “AscTec Falcon 8″
  • Flight time: 12–22 Min.
  • Velocity: up to 16 m/s
  • Tolerable wind speed: bis 12 m/s (GPS Mode)
  • Camera mount: actively stabilized


  • Type: Sony Alpha 7R – DSLM
  • Sensor: CMOS full-frame (36 × 24 mm)
  • Resolution: 7360 × 4912 Pixels (36,4 MP)
  • Pixel size: 4,89 × 4,89 μm
  • Focal distance: 35 mm
  • Calibration: None, consistent