First Ever Oil & Gas Inspection in Qatar

19. April 2016

Cyberhawk Innovations, the world leader in aerial inspection and survey using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or simply drones – has completed the first ever commercial oil and gas inspection in Qatar.

Significant cost benefits for oil & gas budgets

This now allows the significant cost benefits of Cyberhawk’s industry leading drone inspection service to be provided throughout the Qatari market, during a time in which oil and gas budgets are facing significant pressure. The project, which saw the inspection of 136m high flares, while still operational, was completed at an onshore oil and gas refinery in March 2016. An experienced team of two from Cyberhawk, including an industry qualified inspection engineer and oil and gas qualified inspection pilot, undertook the work using Cyberhawk’s state of the art inspection UAVs.

This drone oil & gas inspection marks a major step forward in the commercial use of drones in the region, which to date have been heavily regulated by the Qatari government due to concerns over security of airspace and privacy of citizens.

Track record versus strict drone prohibition

Cyberhawk undertook an intensive campaign, lobbying the government to explain the vast benefits on offer through UAVs, including significant cost and time savings, and how safely these unmanned aircraft can be operated by experienced operators. After a thorough assessment of Cyberhawk’s track record and extensive, proven case study history in the Middle East, a panel of authorities granted an exclusive permit for Cyberhawk to conduct the work in Qatar.

This project also continues to build Cyberhawk’s growing client base in the Middle East, where it have been commercially operating since 2012.

Cyberhawk has already inspected more than 75 live flares and other oil and gas structures in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman!

Cyberhawk CEO, Craig Roberts, said: “Historically, the use of UAVs in Qatar for industrial purposes has been prohibited. Our team’s unrivalled experience in the safe use of drones, with more than 13,000 commercial flights successfully completed in more than 20 countries worldwide, meant we had the credibility and competency to successfully gain the necessary permission to operate legally in Qatar.

“We are aware of operators without our operational experience and aviation pedigree that have been unable to secure flight permissions to operate in the Middle East, and this latest achievement reinforces our leading position in the industry.” Craig Roberts, CEO Cyberhawk.

Extend the boundaries of commercial drone usage

Business development manager Ajay Sethi, who is based in Cyberhawk’s Abu Dhabi office, said: “These maiden flights mark a significant leap forward in the industrial inspection market in Qatar, and in particular, the support we have received from our client has been crucial in making this happen. Following the successful completion of this project, we anticipate further opportunities will be created in the region, and will continue to support and advise authorities to help extend the boundaries of commercial drone usage.”

Cyberhawk operates in the utilities, oil and gas, renewables and rail sectors on a global level. The company has inspected thousands of overhead lines and completed more than 100 projects for major utilities companies including SSE, EDF, EDP, Eon, RWE, ESB, Scottish Power and Centrica in the UK and Europe.  In the oil and gas sector, Cyberhawk has completed more than 200 live flare inspections for the oil and gas supermajors including Shell, BP, Chevron, Total and Exxon, across Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.

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