DroneService – UAS Indoor Surveillance

15. December 2015

In the DroneService project, Avansig and Prosegur have developed an indoor surveillance system based on a programmable unmanned aircraft system. This system, built over the AscTec Firefly UAS platform, is able to perform indoor surveillance rounds in a completely autonomous mode.

DroneService – indoor surveillance per drone

DroneService proposes a new surveillance model. It is an evolution of the classical video-surveillance and domotica services, where video circuits are used to guard buildings. The main innovation that DroneService introduces is the use of a MAV (Micro Aerial Vehicle / Micro Drone) with capabilities to perform surveillance rounds within a building.

Evolution per MAV autonomy

Each DroneService surveillance system is composed by one or more MAVs and charging pads. Each drone performs its assigned surveillance rounds and at the end of each round, it lands over a charging pad. This charging pad allows us to keep the micro drones with energy in a completely autonomous way.

Autonomous UAS surveillance in real time

The MAVs are able to perform surveillance rounds according to a predefined schedule or perform surveillance rounds requested on demand from the control center.

During the surveillance rounds, micro drones records video and transmits it in real time. If the MAV detects some unexpected situation it sends a security alert to the control center. Furthermore, during the rounds, the MAV performs detection and obstacle avoidance.

Advanced indoor position algorithms for high accuracy

The used indoor positioning algorithm is based on the Montecarlo method. With frequencies over 100Hz, the MAV scans the environment with the laser and measures the distances to the obstacles around. After that, it generates a random cloud of points and, for each point, compares the obtained measures with the reference cartography precharged in the system. As a result, the micro drone obtains the probability to be located in one point with a very high precision. Actually, the position error is under 5 cms.

Thermal and visual indoor observation

Also, the MAV incorporates a powerful video system composed by a visible spectrum camera and a thermal camera. This video system is easily integrable with the software typically used in the control centers by the use of the ONVIF standard.

In conclusion, a new solution, based on micro drone technology, is introduced in the security industry. This system will allow security companies offer surveillance services innovative, flexible and dynamic that will be key in this sector in the coming years.