Topcon Precision Agriculture @ Agritechnica

10. November 2015

The advantages of precision agriculture are evident: The precision positioning technology helps farmers and agricultural businesses to increase productivity, reduce inputs and maximize yield potential. Topcon Precision Agriculture provides complete crop management and control – from crop to vehicle. Precision for efficient farming Some will say precision agriculture is way of life. And indeed it is. The benefits of efficient [...]

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UAV- / Drone-based Precision Agriculture & Smart Farming

6. May 2015

With our development of high-performance, precise and robust lightweight UAVs on the one hand and new multispectral and hyperspectral or smartly combined sensors on the other hand opportunities and markets are rapidly emerging. Including the use of drones / UAVs in remote sensing as multispectral sensing platforms, which has become quite popular for a wide range of agricultural applications in the [...]

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Back to the Future 3 – Drones for Water Quality

21. January 2015

Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA: Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, promise to help humans perform hundreds of jobs better, but most are limited to obtaining aerial views. UNL computer scientists Carrick Detweiler and Sebastian Elbaum are developing UAVs based on research with the AscTec Firefly that interact with the environment, greatly expanding their potential uses.

UAV wildlife protection

19. November 2014

UAV wildlife protection in Bavaria and Austria: Localization and prevention with the AscTec Falcon 8. Initially developed for just one project in a small proto­type series for the German Aerospace Center (DLR), but now in preproduction stadium: A highly integrated payload onboard the AscTec Falcon 8 helps to save life itself and entire species. Since 2010, field activities in Germany and Austria [...]

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