Excellent HR Aerial Imaging by PHT Airpicture

28. October 2015

PHT Airpicture was founded in 2010 by Peter Smiatek and Helmut Himmighofen. The enterprise rapidly grew to a promising company and established itself on the European market as essential service provider for drone-based aerial imaging in high quality. Air pictures and more – exploit the drone potential as a team So PHT Airpicture provided not only high-quality aerial imaging services [...]

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Black Falcon – Aerial Imaging from Japan

6. July 2015

AscTec Falcon 8 – Big in Japan Alex Ichiro-Okuma is Japanese expert in photography and videography for many years. We are proud to present here a small selection of astonishing movie works generated and produced by Alex Ichiro-Okuma, Black Falcon. Movie works including aerial footage done with the AscTec Falcon 8:

Back to the Future 8 – 360° Aerial Imaging

21. June 2015

The patented V-form octocopter AscTec Falcon 8 since ever provides one unique feature: 360° aerial imaging due to free 360° view. PHT Airpicture uses that function like no other to perfectly comply with customer’s demands. Aerial imaging & incredible perspectives In many years of UAV / drone servicing our customer PHT Airpicture established a wide repertoire of aerial high-quality imaging [...]

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Unique aerial imaging – the world from a drone’s perspective

13. February 2015

  Unique perspectives can be provided with aerial imaging. J.M. Waffenschmidt is a professional aerial photographer and filmmaker, who defies inflationary aerial imaging mediocrity by drawing breathtaking scenes from above. Ascending Technologies (AT) spoke to an expert to find out what is possible. AT: Mr. Waffenschmidt, you’re one of thousands of the so called aerial imaging professionals. Thinking of the [...]

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AscTec Professional Line – new catalogue!

6. November 2014

AscTec Professional Line Catalogue 2015 AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity – A new era of flight control: AscTec Trinity is the first fully adaptive UAV control unit (autopilot) with up to 3 levels of redundancy for multi-rotor flight systems. Learn more reading the new catalogue of the AscTec Professional Line. Using the AscTec Trinity, the AscTec Falcon 8 Octocopter [...]

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Professional UAV

11. June 2014

/// For professional UAV users and experts we offer: The AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity technology is the most advanced multicopter for professional aerial imaging in full-HD quality. Our inertial guidance system is unrivalled. Rely on a well-proven and tested multirotor flight system for aerial imaging, industrial inspection, surveying, mapping and monitoring. Now available including new 3x safe autopilot [...]

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Roll the dice – The Episode

20. September 2013

The brand new North Kiteboarding Image video was filmed in Mauritius. A wonderful example of astonishing aerial videography. The island nation in the Indian Ocean provides a fantastic setting or photographers and film projects. Moreover it is a real challenge for an UAV like the AscTec Falcon 8. The isle is famous for its beautiful kite spots as well as [...]

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Take control! DJ BoBo & the AscTec Falcon 8

10. September 2013

A recently produced video clip to the release of “Take control! has become “the most craziest video” of DJ BoBo’s career. The so called King of Dance and his director Mark Feuerstake decided for an aerial perspective – besides several other camera systems and shots. So our Swiss customer, the AURA photo agency, produced some of the most spectacular and [...]

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AscTec Falcon 8 on MTV

2. September 2013

Break out, escape, do it on your own “… disjoin the system.” To catch the spirit of breaking free the newcomer band Redweik put scenes of last year’s 9 Knights event into their MTV music video “Maschine”. A downhill rider drives across wood and stone to jump up high above a ramp doing astonishing tricks. Just take a look: The [...]

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