Sky-Futures USA Awarded Section 333 Exemption Permitting use of Drones for Oil and Gas Inspections

17. March 2015

Sky-Futures USA, a Houston based company offering drone inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry is today awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption permitting the use of its AscTec Falcon 8 drone from Ascending Technologies in the United States National Air Space (NAS). AscTec Falcon 8 – the UAV / drone for oil and gas inspections [...]

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Real UAV / Drone Benefits for Energy Sector & Industry

27. February 2015

Since Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (ROAVs), otherwise known as UAVs or drones, were first deployed in the North Sea four years ago by global innovator, Cyberhawk, an inspection revolution has been bubbling away. Today the complete energy sector and industry can tell from real UAV / drone benefits. Increasing demand for inspections in many industries and too much auspicious advantages [...]

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Cyberhawk’s Offshore ROAV Oil and Gas Inspection Video

16. January 2015

Cyberhawk’s latest Offshore Oil and Gas Inspection video shows how far we have taken this technology and what the major benefits of using an ROAV are to the asset owner. The capability to deploy Cyberhawk’s Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle from anywhere on an offshore installation; or from a nearby vessel/barge means the ROAV inspection scope is not affected by possible [...]

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UAS Oil and Gas Emergency Inspection Service by Sky-Futures

14. January 2015

Case study 1: Emergency offshore inspection in extreme weather. Sky-Futures are the global leaders for offering oil and gas inspections using UAS. On Christmas Eve, Sky-Futures received a call for the deployment of a UAS inspection team for an emergency inspection offshore due to a damaged access hatch on a flare tower. It was posing a risk of falling onto [...]

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Professional UAV

11. June 2014

/// For professional UAV users and experts we offer: The AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity technology is the most advanced multicopter for professional aerial imaging in full-HD quality. Our inertial guidance system is unrivalled. Rely on a well-proven and tested multirotor flight system for aerial imaging, industrial inspection, surveying, mapping and monitoring. Now available including new 3x safe autopilot [...]

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BBC News: “Drones making oil rigs and pylons safer”

1. July 2013

Click here to view the TV clip on BBC News: This BBC News spot shows how people and industry already benefit from aerial imaging technology: Less risk, more security and more reliable information are delivered with ROAV-based industrial inspections. The usage of micro drones (so-called Micro-UAVs) as the AscTec Falcon 8 is making oil rigs, pylons or wind engines [...]

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