ETHZ: Drones with a Sense of Direction

10. November 2015

Drones with a sense of direction? Yes. A small group of researchers from the ETH Zurich successfully tested an AscTec Firefly research drone autonomously creating a 3-D map of an unfamiliar environment. Good new for commercial drone operators Commercial drones are starting to be used for tasks like inspecting oil rigs and crops. But they still require a highly skilled [...]

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Drones: EU Plans on Commercial & Recreational Use & Safety

2. November 2015

As commercial services using drones take off and their recreational use becomes ever more popular, it must be ensured that they pose no threat to public safety or personal privacy, said MEPs in a resolution passed on Thursday at the initiative of theTransport Committee. The drone’s great potential for economic growth “The key here is in the title – to [...]

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IROS 2015 – The new research UAV AscTec Neo

28. September 2015

IROS 2015: Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality papers representing original results in all areas of intelligent robot components, systems, and applications. Among many other exhibitors like BOSCH, CLEARPATH, DJI, Google, iRobot, KUKA and many technical universities and labs, Ascending Technologies will be exhibiting there … and present something spectacular: A brand new research UAV including a 360° depth [...]

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Best Drone: AscTec Firefly with Intel RealSense

10. January 2015

Best drone: AscTec Firefly with Intel RealSense The magazine The Verge, which covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture, awards at the International CES 2015: AscTec Firefly with Intel Real Sense as the best drone.

Ascending Technologies and Intel collaborate on obstacle avoidance technology for UAVs

7. January 2015

Ascending Technologies and Intel have signed a collaboration agreement to work together on developing collision avoidance technology and algorithms for unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), commonly known as drones, using Intel RealSense cameras and Ascending Technologies’ AscTec Trinity auto pilot system. Intel also became Ascending Technologies’ first external investor and a minority shareholder. The collaboration of the two companies was publicly [...]

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AscTec Firefly

11. June 2014

/// See for yourself … You can find numerous application examples on YouTube. Please use our Wiki to learn more about the AscTec Research Line. * Programming and flight technique knowledge are required for the practical operation of our research flight systems. Please notice that some substantial information is only available in English. ** Last product discontinuance order date: Dec [...]

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