UAV inspection & survey of Germany’s highest dam

26. June 2015

Reservoirs and dams today are part of a complex water industry systems. Thorough maintenance and complex servicing operations are highly safety critical. Reservoirs’ providers maintain, preserve and manage reservoires and dams according to the directives of the Federal Water Act. However material and plant inspections are still quite expensive. We successfully tested latest UAV technology to support that work quite [...]

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3D Laser Scanning & UAV Photogrammetry

11. June 2015

2D equalisation & vectorisation of measured data Traditional photogrammetry includes two-dimensional equalisation of digital image data. But conventional vectorisation of georeferenced imagery is quite time-consuming. By the use of high-resolution aerial imaging you achieve the required level of detail. At the same time position accuracy established by a high-tech UAV like the AscTec Falcon 8 provides precise measurement. On the [...]

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GMTIB – Professional UAV- / drone-based bridge inspection

15. May 2015

Bridge inspection per UAV / Drone: The specialised boutique consulting firms BACH+BACH and Guido Morgenthal Technologien im Bauwesen (GMTIB) using the AscTec Falcon 8 to inspect the Anna-Ebert-Bridge in Magdeburg, Germany. Photo: Christina Bendigs ( Structural engineering meets high-tech UAV / drone Of course our customers know the efficiency and further unmatched characteristics of our professional unmanned sensing flight platform AscTec Falcon 8. Yet the public tend [...]

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Historical monument protection in Bavaria – per drone?

9. March 2015

The Bavarian Minister of Science Spaenle and the General Curator Pfeil presented a new concept for historical monument protection and conservation in Bavaria for 2020. They call on latest scientific results. Wishful thinking or sustainable heritage conservation? „In its variety the structural testimonials of past times give tellingly impressions of Bavarian heritage in wealth and culture shaping the identity of the [...]

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AscTec Falcon 8 – multispectral & multifunctional

3. March 2015

Drone-based bridge inspection and geodata provided by Orbiton after the collapse of Skjeggestad bridge on February 2nd helped determine that the bridge had to be demolished as quickly as possible due to danger of further collapse. Decommissioning was to be carried out using explosives as part of a complex operation which involved danger of a massive quick clay landslide. Once [...]

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Real UAV / Drone Benefits for Energy Sector & Industry

27. February 2015

Since Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (ROAVs), otherwise known as UAVs or drones, were first deployed in the North Sea four years ago by global innovator, Cyberhawk, an inspection revolution has been bubbling away. Today the complete energy sector and industry can tell from real UAV / drone benefits. Increasing demand for inspections in many industries and too much auspicious advantages [...]

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UAV Retaining Wall Inspection of a Federal Motorway

23. February 2015

For a UAV / drone-based retaining wall inspection (structure inspection) besides the Federal Motorway A4 in Thüringen, Germany, the AscTec Falcon 8 took imagery accurate down to few millimeters. The drone’s efficiency was quite impressive: About 12000 qm, with 1.6 millimeters resolution at the object in 24 minutes only. The UAV retaining wall inspection is one of many successful flying [...]

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Structural inspection: Dom zu Magdeburg

9. December 2014

Efficient structural inspection – indoor as well as outdoor: Researchers from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany use the AscTec Falcon 8 to test the drones usability in several visual inspection applications and structure types. The result is: Precise control and 36-MP-Kameras minimize effort and risk, but enable reliable structure analysis, damage detection and reproducible monitoring. The high-tech drone Asctec Falcon 8 [...]

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UAV Structural Monitoring “Schiefer Turm”

7. November 2014

Historical structures suffer from changing environmental conditions resulting in damages. Thus careful monitoring and planning is required to protect those structures and to choose the right conservation measures. Visual inspections of historical structures are very costly and require technical, logistical and personnel resources. In particular, hard-to-reach places require expensive equipment, scaffolding und qualified personnel. For this exact reason we have [...]

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Professional UAV

11. June 2014

/// For professional UAV users and experts we offer: The AscTec Falcon 8 with AscTec Trinity technology is the most advanced multicopter for professional aerial imaging in full-HD quality. Our inertial guidance system is unrivalled. Rely on a well-proven and tested multirotor flight system for aerial imaging, industrial inspection, surveying, mapping and monitoring. Now available including new 3x safe autopilot [...]

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