Drone / UAS-based industrial asset inspection

10. March 2015

Sky-Futures work globally inspecting onshore and offshore assets within the oil and gas industry using UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) technology where access is difficult and dangerous. There the AscTec Falcon 8 can realise its potential.

UAS inspections capture high definition imagery detailing the condition of assets from vantage points previously seen as too difficult or awkward to reach by traditional inspection strategies.

Sky-Futures’ UAV inspection service for oil and gas saves up to 90%!

New UAS technology and innovation is able to save oil and gas companies and contractors money, time and help them to increase efficiency.

One recent inspection in the UK North Sea saved a client of Sky-Futures 90%+ against traditional methods.

The inspection included 14 separate inspection scopes, all of which were completed within 12 days. The inspection ultimately negated the need for a rope access visual inspection that the client had planned previously. The client was able to save 700 days of rope access inspection work, 40 days of support vessel hire for supporting rope access inspection work and 28 days of work that would have been required during a shutdown.

Drone / UAS-based inspection in challenging environment

In a difficult environment where oil prices are under pressure, inspections by UAS are able to cut costs both in the short-term and in the long-term. Inspection by UAS allows rope inspections to be better targeted; saving money, time and preventing unnecessary inspection spending. UAS inspections also de-risk shutdowns by allowing clients to plan and prepare effectively by ordering replacement parts in time and being able to spend time during a shutdown making repairs instead of inspecting. Ultimately, the better management of maintenance and inspection work in the short-term can help to maintain the integrity of an asset long-term. Firms know that reducing downtime and making inspections and maintenance work more efficient is crucial if they hope to cut the overall costs of production.

Efficient maintenance and management of assets

Falling oil prices and aging assets mean that effective and efficient maintenance and management of assets in the UK North Sea is more important than ever. Despite this tough economic backdrop, Sky-Futures grew incredibly quickly in 2014.The company is expanding operations in Aberdeen and is currently hiring an additional five personnel, including sales, project management and inspection engineers for their Aberdeen office.

Despite the doom and gloom of the oil price, new UAS technology and innovation is able to save oil and gas companies and contractors money, time and help them to increase efficiency at a time when it is more important than ever.

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