Drone Light Painting – The Christmas Edit

16. December 2015

Watch the world’s first Drone Light Painting Video “The Christmas Edit”. With this film Ascending Technologies wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all drone enthusiasts and operators, friends, customers and partner companies. Moreover we wish you a Merry Christmas and a good takeoff into a successful New Year. The complete Light Painting project was performed by use of a modified AscTec Falcon 8 UAS drone.

The World’s First Drone Light Painting Video

The Drone Light Painting Video is world’s first drone light painting project of that quality. For this purpose a high-tech drone mounted with a LED was controlled by the flight planning software AscTec Navigator. After some testing all the light painting flights could be performed quite quickly and fully automated.

Due to the excellent flight characteristics of the AscTec Falcon 8 it was possible to fly such complex lines through predefined waypoints as precise and to fly those flight paths several times with such accuracy. Actually all paintings of the Drone Light Painting Video – if Santa Claus and the reindeer sleigh, present with loop, Christmas tree with a big star, writings and snowflakes – have been produced with an AscTec Falcon 8 including AscTec Trinity control unit.

No Fake! Light Painting per Drone

The moves of the LED drone were shot while taking a long exposure photograph of every scene. Up to 10 minutes exposure time were needed. Additionally the flights have been filmed with an A7S Mark ii. In post processing the stills from the original drone flights were visualized via VFX and combined with further video footage.

Incredible but true: Each painting is based on a real drone flight. The Drone Light Painting Video is no fake.

The Drone Light Painting flights have been performed at airspeeds of 2 m/s with the patented V-Form Octocopter AscTec Falcon 8. Santa Claus throwing the presents into the chimneys and the snowflakes in the starting sequence of course are animated GIFs, yet based on flown paintings. Probably it was possible to do any drone light painting you like.

You can download two original raw long exposure images of the LED drone flights here.

Download now: Wallpaper Set „Drone Light Painting – The Christmas Edit“ by Ascending Technologies

Making-of „Drone Light Painting – The Christmas Edit“

Drone Light Painting: Santa Claus and the Reindeer Sleigh

For the Santa Claus and the reindeer sleigh drone light painting we produced four variations of the drawing. Each of the containing 366 up to 391 single waypoints. Flight time of the performance per version: 10 minutes.

Drone Light Painting: Present with Loop

For the present with loop drone light painting diverse variations have been flown. A present with loop is made of 68 single waypoints. Flight time of the drone performance per version: About 5 minutes. Color changes and turn on and off of the LED was remotely controlled by a special modul.

Drone Light Painting: Christmas Tree with Big Star

For the Christmas tree with the big star we automated two AscTec Falcon 8 drones. Starting each from on edge of the bottom of the tree. Total flight time: About 8 minutes.

Drone Light Painting: Snowflakes

For the snowflake drone light paintings, which are animated in the starting sequence and used as stills in the end, is the result of a drone flight with up to 85 single GPS-based waypoints. Each snowflake flight took around 7 minutes.

Drone Light Painting: Writings

For the light drawing of the writings, the greetings were written manually, scanned and then loaded to the flight planning software tracing the shape with the waypoint tool to generate an according flight path. In detail:

  • Light Painting “From the AscTec Team”: 364 single waypoints, total flight time ca. 9 min.
  • Light Painting “and a happy new year”: 305 single waypoints, total flight time ca. 10 min.
  • Light Painting “merry christmas”:  240 single waypoints; total flight time ca. 8 min.

Special thanks are directed to Jo Späth for the concept and realization of the Drone Light Painting Video and to the Ascending Technologies Team for: Amazing Technology! Making this possible.

Download the press release here.