Intel’s Drone 100 @ Vivid Syndey 2016

27. June 2016

Program highlight of Vivid Sydney 2016 was the public debut of Drone 100. Together with Ars Electronica, Intel has created a Microdrone show of 100 AscTec Hummingbirds in the Australian night sky illuminating the port of Sydney.

Drone 100: 100 dancing Microdrones

A new attraction to this year`s Vivid Sydney was Intel`s Drone 100. The Guinness World Record setting drone air show, has been presented for the first time to a wide audience in Sydney Harbor. A specially programmed choreography for 100 luminous drones flying and dancing in the night sky were set to Beethoven’s 5th symphony, performed by the Sydney Youth Orchestra. Vivid Sydney is a unique 23 day arts and ideas festival. It also features a cross disciplinary technology and Art Forum with a multinational program. Most noticeable are the public exhibitions of light sculptures and installations around the city of Sydney, most framed by an impressive music program.  Forums featured numerous contributions from international artists working in various media, makers and scientists commenting on technology, art, media theory and code.

Taking Part in Vivid Sydney – festival of light, music and ideas

Every year, Vivid Sydney transforms the entire city into a creative wonderland with light sculptures, advanced lighting installations and large-scale projections, all using light projection as medium to interact in the environment of the city. The concept of the event was cross disciplinary interactions between ideas, creation of art and technology; Celebrating and commenting on instances where technology drives art innovation and idea making, and where necessity drives creative technological invention, making a beneficial symbiosis for the future. The Drone 100 featured just that, 100 reliable and fast processing glowing autonomous drones, flying in accordance to written code and forming a swarm light cloud. As a main sponsor of the Sydney Opera House, Intel, had its’ own spectator area with free admission. Space was however limited and the tickets were raffled off for each of the five nightly performances.

Background and Future of Drone 100

Intel and Ars Electronica broke the Guinness World Record on November 2015 for drone flight and performance, with 100 dancing glowing drones in Hamburg. The individual 100 drones were all Quadcopter type AscTec Hummingbirds, controlled by pre-programmed software. The AscTec Hummingbird is part of the AscTec Research Line from Ascending Technologies, used before primarily by technical universities and companies for research and development. (They are available through Ars Electronica Futurelab has been working with these unmanned aerial systems, and installed LEDs on the drones, which can be synchronized to music. Since the flight in Hamburg, the company Linzer has thrilled audiences around the world with its unique drones swarm shows. Thanks to Intel, and reliable flight performance of these micro drones, the applications of this technology have been expanded, and this creative innovation has crossed disciplinary boundaries.

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