For industrial inspections the market leader relies on the AscTec Falcon 8

2. July 2013

The Scottish company Cyberhawk Innovations is global market leader in the area of aerial industrial inspection. Therefore Cyberhawk is working with amazing technologies as our AscTec Falcon 8, which they actually use for ROAV inspection for the offshore oil & gas industry. Accordingly Cyberhawk’s revolutionary products have attracted several blue chip international customers, including SSE, Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Total, Centrica und Statoil.Unlike traditional inspection methods using rope access or helicopters, Cyberhawk’s approach means that high value energy infrastructure can be kept operational during inspection – a vital consideration at industrial sites where asset downtime can cost millions of pounds per day. Cyberhawk techniques also deliver significant health and safety benefits. Using ROAVs minimizes risk by reducing or eliminating the need to work ‘at height’ and limiting the overall project duration. Whether you need thermal images to control energy efficiency or detailed photographic images identifying damages, the completely integrated AscTec Falcon 8 mounted with specially modified cameras for experts delivers within a short time essential information to decide.

By way of comparison low budgets are required, so that frequently more enterprises trust in that still new technology. The Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (ROAV) inspection market booms due to that. For that reason Cyberhawk Innovations announced a £1.25m investment led by Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) along with the Scottish Investment Bank, the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise.

The funding will enable Livingston-based Cyberhawk to accelerate its growth, create jobs and expand its products and services, ensuring that it continues to lead the commercial development.

Speaking on the rapid progress of the company, Craig Roberts, Cyberhawk’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The new round of investment will enable Cyberhawk to invest in the people, technology and product development required to consolidate our leading position in the market and drive global growth. We anticipate that we will double our headcount in the next year and see further growth in subsequent years.”

Tony Robison who led the deal for SEP said: “The investment has come on the back of Cyberhawk establishing a growing demand for its inspection services and an impressive list of blue chip customers. The management team has a strong track record, a growing pipeline of opportunities and has built a trusted brand. It is operating in an exciting global market and SEP is pleased to be able to support the company’s growth plans.”

Kerry Sharp, Head of the Scottish Investment Bank commented “Cyberhawk perfectly illustrates Scotland’s reputation for engineering excellence and inventiveness and shows how these strengths can create jobs and export opportunities. Cyberhawk is creating a new global market for the commercial use of ROAVs in the energy industry in which Scotland can become world leader”.

Thanks to the expertise of Cyberhawk Innovations, which is making all that possible by pushing our UAVs to their limit and bringing aerial industrial inspection to perfection. The company’s ground breaking service was recognized by the oil and gas industry in 2012, when it won the ‘Business Efficiency’ category at the prestigious UK Oil & Gas Awards in Aberdeen. We are proud, that our AscTec Falcon 8 could contribute to their outstanding service.

… and compliment Cyberhawk on that contract. We are looking forward to lots of further years of common success.

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