Christmas greetings & review 2013

18. December 2013
amazing year – AscTec_news_drone-delivery-transportation-drones-amazon-dhl

Ascending Technologies says „Thanks“ for an amazing year 2013!

Review 2013

March: Cooperation with Ars Electronica for Paramount Pictures to enlighten the London skyline with 30 AscTec Hummingbirds right at 2:30 Earth Hour with the Star Trek We say thank you for that magnificent moment to our friends in Austria and to Paramount.

April: PCP-Tour – Cooperation and presentation at Munich. We say thanks to FOTO DINKEL, our Photo Competence Partner.

May: ICRA 2013 (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation)Opening flight show “Robots and fire”.

August: Tsinghua University in Beijing, China successfully achieves the 6th IARC-Mission with an AscTec Pelican.

September: UAV-g 2013 – world premiere of the AscTec Falcon 8 including AscTec Trinity. Let’s call it a game changer and milestone in precision and stability.

October: Ascending Technologies donates an AscTec Falcon 8 to I.S.A.R. Germany. Support the international aid organization with us:

INTERGEO Conference and Trade Fair for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management – thanks to HINTE & the organizing team!

17th November 2013: Writing history of aviation. Together with e-volo we made the maiden flight of the Volocopter VC200 possible. Our new auto pilot system AscTec Trinity controlled the first electrical manned multirotor system.

We are looking forward to the up-coming year 2014 and create sustainable technological solutions. Christmas greetings and best wishes to you!

Yours Ascending Technologies Team.