Take control! DJ BoBo & the AscTec Falcon 8

10. September 2013

A recently produced video clip to the release of “Take control! has become “the most craziest video” of DJ BoBo’s career. The so called King of Dance and his director Mark Feuerstake decided for an aerial perspective – besides several other camera systems and shots.

So our Swiss customer, the AURA photo agency, produced some of the most spectacular and rapid scences. Gabriel and Emanuel Ammon were filming hell for leather. One of them controlling the flight system, while the other concentrated on great shots. Equipped with a Mobile Groundstation, Fatshark Dominator video goggles and a gamepad, which we offer as part the comfort package, they managed to generate splendid footage – even out of a driving racing car.

Watch Making of and Official video clip to check quality and atmosphere of the amazing video project.

DJ BoBo & Mike Candys – TAKE CONTROL video clip (Making of) feat. AscTec Falcon 8:

DJ BoBo & Mike Candys – TAKE CONTROL official video clip: