Roll the dice – The Episode

20. September 2013

The brand new North Kiteboarding Image video was filmed in Mauritius. A wonderful example of astonishing aerial videography. The island nation in the Indian Ocean provides a fantastic setting or photographers and film projects. Moreover it is a real challenge for an UAV like the AscTec Falcon 8.

The isle is famous for its beautiful kite spots as well as for its tropical thunders. From June until August statistics guarantee 85 % wind strength over four Beaufort (> 4 Bft.) and average temperatures of 25 °C. Accordingly it is a paradise for extreme and water sports enthusiasts.

Even under those challenging circumstances the reliability of our octocopter turns out. The integrated AscTec AutoPilot‘s excellent sensors compensate for strong wind gusts to stabilize the flight system and letting you perform smoother panos and sweeps with the camera.

See for yourself how it works. All aerial scenes are produced with a standard AscTec Falcon 8 system and a Sony PJ780VE camcorder. Wind strength during the project: 5–6 Bft. Flight mode: GPS mode.

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