Cyberhawk passes 10,000 commercial UAV flights!

22. June 2015

On Tuesday 9th June Cyberhawk completed its 10,000th commercial flight with remotely piloted aircraft systems (ROAV).

Chief Pilot, Mark Sickling, and Survey Manager, Stuart Thomas, completed this milestone in the East of England, supporting a project for a proposed high efficiency power station for a major utility company.

A quarter of time with AscTec Trinity

The survey was completed using an Ascending Technologies Falcon 8 multi-rotor equipped with the latest AscTec TRINITY triple redundant autopilot.

This high tech autopilot system permitted the survey to be completed in a quarter of the time and with greatly improved accuracy compared to other earlier generation multi-rotor systems.

This directly translates to a more efficient service for the customer, with less time on site and higher quality data delivered through iHawk, Cyberhawk’s innovative, cloud-based, delivery system.

Cyberhawk achieves National Qualified Entity status

Cyberhawk, the world leader in remote aerial inspection and surveying, has been granted National Qualified Entity (NQE) status by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This certification, is supplemental to the ‘Permission for Aerial Work’ and reinforces Cyberhawk’s position at the forefront of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training, operations and service delivery.

The status, awarded to only a handful of UK companies to date, recognises the skills and experience of Cyberhawk’s training and evaluation team.  It validates the ‘Cyberhawk Remote Pilot Certificate’ (CRPC)’ qualification as meeting the requirements for issue of a CAA-recognised certificate of competence, permitting the commercial operation of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor small unmanned aircraft.

“This award follows more than 10,000 flights and over 1,700 hours of flying time by our team of world-class pilots, and recognises the company’s commitment to internal development and pilot training procedures.” Mark Sickling, Head of Management Systems and Chief Pilot, Cyberhawk.

We congratulate our long-time customer to that great achievement.

UAV- / Drone-supported industrial inspection

It’s the combination of highly trained pilots, experienced inspection engineers and land surveyors, long-standing experience in the inspection services from RAT to ROAV and last but not least the advanced high-tech drone AscTec Falcon 8, that makes Cyberhawk such a reliable institution. No wonder to see Cyberhawk’s growing ROAV fleet of familiar V-form octocopters from the Bavarian autopilot and multi-rotor developer Ascending Technologies. The AscTec Falcon 8 is helpful providing high quality and detailed inspection and land survey information to the oil and gas, renewable and utilities sectors. With their pioneer work Cyberhawk revolutionised the industry inspection and surveying market sustainably. Energy sector and industry already profit from UAV / drone benefits.

Shell: ROAV means increasing efficiency & reducing costs

Cyberhawk have been featured in Shell’s latest video showcasing how our ROAV inspections are allowing them to keep their operations safer than ever. 1:58:

The video shows Cyberhawk carrying out a live flare inspection for Shell, highlighting how we are allowing our clients to see benefits such as; reduced costs, elimination of human risk and no need for a shutdown when inspecting live flares.

Cyberhawk: UAV world firsts

Oil & Gas Offshore:

  • North Sea: Drilling Derrick inspection, August 2012
  • North Sea: Live flare inspection, February 2012
  • North Sea: Underdeck inspection of oil platform, August 2012
  • North Sea: Live Flare inspections on FPSO, February 2013
  • North Sea: Live flare inspection on semi-submersible, February 2013
  • North Sea: Operating from a supply vessel, February 2013
  • Irish Sea: Live flare inspection, January 2013
  • South China Sea: Live vent stack inspection, March 2013
  • South China Sea: Live flare inspection, March 2013
  • South China Sea: Operating from a supply vessel, March 2013
  • Norwegian Sea: Live flare inspection on FPSO, August 2013
  • Norwegian Sea: Flare Inspection, August 2013

Oil & Gas Onshore

  • UK: Live flare inspection, October 2010
  • UK: Live chimney inspection, October 2010
  • UK: Inspection at a Nuclear site, February 2013
  • Germany: Live flare inspection, May 2011
  • Germany: Live chimney inspection, May 2011
  • Scandinavia: Live flare inspection, May 2012
  • Middle East: Live flare inspection, June 2012
  • Asia: Live flare inspection, February 2013
  • West Africa: Live flare inspection, December 2014

Renewables Offshore

  • Irish Sea: Wind turbine inspection, December 2012
  • Irish Sea: Inspection from a supply vessel, December 2012
  • Southern North Sea: Meteorological Mast inspection, April 2013

Renewables Onshore

  • UK: Wind turbine blade inspection, April 2010
  • UK: Hydro dam inspection, October 2011