Craftsmen, IHM, Merkel & the drone

8. March 2016

Chancellor Merkel visits the booth from Ascending Technologies and the Bauhaus University Weimar at the IHM’s („The Leading Trade Fair for Craft Trades“) special show “Fokus.Handwerk 4.0”.

At the IHM the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel wanted to make sure of the progress and quality of digitization in the construction industry. During her visit she talked with Prof. Dr. Guido Morgenthal from the Bauhaus University Weimar, who is one of the most sophisticated experts about digital opportunities and methods in the craft and construction sector.

From Februar 24 until March 1 around 1,000 exhibitors from about 60 trades gave a comprehensive overview on performance, quality and innovation power of craft. Major issue on this year’s event have been the operation of digital procedures and services in the advanced craft. The special show “Fokus.Handwerk 4.0” was dedicated to that topic.

Construction monitoring today: Comprehensive, detailed & digital

At the center of attention besides other demonstrated methods, have been digital imaging and 3D reconstruction models of buildings, whereas data had been captured by drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Unmanned Aircraft Systems respective UAV or UAS in common short form. For that reason Ascending Technologies presented latest drone technology ‘AscTec Falcon 8 + AscTec Trinity autopilot technology’ and advances of drone-based, waypoint-automated inspection flights. Morgenthal explained, how today’s structural health monitoring could profit from accurate processing of the drone-generated, georeferenced aerial image and video data.

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