Civil Unmanned Aviation – Advanced Technology from Bavaria

3. November 2015

The Bavarian Economic State Secretary, Franz Josef Pschierer, the Parliamentary State Secretary for Economy and Energy, Brigitte Zypries, and the President of German Aerospace Industries Association, Bernhard Gerwert had invited to the “User Forum – Civil Unmanned Aviation” in Munich on November 2 2015.

Pschierer: “Bavaria must stay ahead of competition in unmanned aviation”

MUNICH/BERLIN: The Bavarian Economic State Secretary, Franz Josef Pschierer launched the user forum for ‘civil unmanned aviation’ today. At this meeting many federations of networks from politics and business were present. “The Land of Bavaria is pioneer in unmanned aviation, which has become an integral part of aviation. As key location Bavaria is well equipped for future market challenges to profit from the economic potentials of that drone technology.”

„By opening the operator and user forum for civil unmanned aviation we set the right course for the future here in Bavaria”, says Pschierer.

Main business factor: Civil aviation


A Bavarian success story: The ‘AscTec Falcon 8’ drone. In series production since 2009. Sold hundredfold. In daily use – such as for industrial inspection, agricultural remote sensing and for human aid organizations in crises regions.

Brigitte Zypries, the Parlamentary State Secretary for Economy and Energy, agrees: “Civil unmanned aircraft systems will be an important economic factor of civil aviation. Bavaria and Germany as innovative and powerful place for aviation will play an active part in the future of aviation. In addition to technological brilliance and a innovative culture of entrepreneurship a regulatory framework is required to enable unmanned operations as well as safety in civil airspace.”

Global market growth vs. heterogenity of regulations

Bernhard Gewert, President of German Aerospace Industries Association, says: “Unmanned aircraft systems are the internationally fastest and strongest growing market segment of our economy. It’s the core of military future-oriented technology and provides a wide range of useful civil applications. We are very pleased that BMWI and StMWI actively seize and support this promising development. In coordinated approach we will now promote standardized national and international regulatory framework conditions.”

Civil drones in agriculture and all over

Participants agreed about the very high dynamics in diverse drone application fields, from precision agriculture, inspection to disaster relief. “The variety and efficiency of unmanned aircraft systems appear to be practically unlimited. Bavaria wants to stay ahead of competition in unmanned aviation. The Land of Bavaria is predestined for playing a leading role in the development of drone-based search and rescue technology operational in mountain areas and challenging environments.”

Aerospace strategy 2030

With its aerospace strategy 2030 the Bavarian Government sets clear targets and milestones for the future development of aviation. The opening of the flight test center for unmanned aircraft systems in Mattsies, Germany achieved a first-time success.

Pschierer: “Now we need to work on the definition of useful regulations and technical standards for unmanned aviation. First steps have been done today.”

Primarily Germany must clearly represent and defend its interests in the European Committees and on international level.