Back to the Future 8 – 360° Aerial Imaging

21. June 2015
360 aerial imaging 360 grad luftbilder

The patented V-form octocopter AscTec Falcon 8 since ever provides one unique feature: 360° aerial imaging due to free 360° view. PHT Airpicture uses that function like no other to perfectly comply with customer’s demands.

Aerial imaging & incredible perspectives

In many years of UAV / drone servicing our customer PHT Airpicture established a wide repertoire of aerial high-quality imaging in filming, photography and photogrammetry. Cylindrical, spherical and 360° panoramas can be produces quite simple, due to an automatic image series, which can be started promptly pushing a button. A skilled team of pilots, photographers and film people around Peter Smiatek shuttle between Germany and Mallorca. Always in his luggage: An AscTec Falcon 8.

The UAV 360° aerial imaging & panorama experience

View some results of professional aerial imaging produced by PHT Airpicture:

Allianz Arena, Munich – PHT Airpicture

Bilsterberg – PHT Airpicture

For works like this there is a variety of high-class brand cameras, which can be used highly flexible. Available digital cameras, camcorders and sensors are fully integrated via AscTec Camera Mount and can be exchanged quickly within seconds. The combination of the free 360° view and the unrivalled flight performance of the AscTec Falcon 8 enables highly efficient aerial imaging.

About PHT Airpicture: By using the latest UAV technology combined with a first-class drone camera and video equipment and highly trained operators, PHT Airpicture offers customers new perspectives in contrast to traditional aerial photography using helicopters, flexible, and without much bureaucratic approval process. You observe with the on-line monitor and experience the most exciting camera work and spectacular views.

Please note: Ascending Technologies develops and produces multi-rotor and autopilot technology, but provides no service. For further information about UAV / drone-based survey and photogrammetry service, please directly contact PHT Airpicture:

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