Back to the Future 12 – Drones & Self-Awareness

21. October 2015

Intel’s RealSense camera module, which weighs as little as 8 grams and is less than 4mm thick, brings depth perception to drones both indoors and outdoors with minimal impact to payload and flight times. A new level of intelligence and self-awareness to the drone ecosystem could change the way we see drones.

Drones with 360° self-awareness

360° depth cameras, powerful microprocessors and smart algorithms providing the drone’s brain visional information about its surrounding area. With computer vision, flying robots could leave their GPS-based, waypoint automated world to autonomously explore the real world in three dimensions.

Ascending Technologies will use the obstacle avoidance technology jointly developed with Intel to add a new level of safety to their future products. A new research UAV capable of 3-D awareness will be available from Q3 2016 – for researchers only. A sensor ring with 6 Intel RealSense cameras will actually give the AscTec Neo a 360° sensor view.

So watch how “Robots Start to See in 3-D”:

In “Why Your Gadgets Can Now ‘See’ in 3-D” Wall Street Journal reporter Jack Nicas talks about “faster, cheaper processors allow small, inexpensive devices to ‘see’ in three dimensions”. Read full story here.

Reduce risk & enable safe drone operation

In a pulse-quickening spot Audi shocks with freak drone invasion. But before you envision a drone invasion like Audi did in “The Drones” to mock Amazon’s drone delivery ambitions, think of the great benefits in industrial fields, where a collision avoidance system would make useful drone applications easier and safer. And reduce risky manned operations in harmful environments. Moreover drone operators and businesses relying on drone services will largely benefit from the unprecedented simplicity and safety of drone operations close to obstacles using this new technology.

Reliable obstacle avoidance will also open entirely new fields of drone applications such as automatic delivery of goods or emergency medication.

Inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds, Audi shows how the available advanced technology in the new Audi A6 is the opposite of intimidating:

With that scary drone movie Audi wants to remind us that technology doesn’t have to be scary. In terms of Ascending Technologies drone technology is meant to be only one thing: Amazing!