Back to the Future 1 – UAV World Record

21. November 2014
UAV weltrekord /// UAV world record

UAV world record in permanent flight.

In 2010 LaserMotive demonstrated its ability to wirelessly power unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) by partnering with Ascending Technologies to put LaserMotive’s receiver technology on AscTec’s Pelican quadrocopter. With only a 5-minute battery on-board, the Pelican flew for nearly twelve and a half hours! In detail: 12 hours 26 minutes and 56.9 seconds. New World record in long-term microcopter flights!

LaserMotive is a Seattle-based company developing wireless power delivery systems using laser beams to transmit electricity without wires, for applications where wires are either cost prohibitive or physically impractical. The company was launched after winning the 2009 NASA Centennial Challenges Power Beaming Challenge and taking home the Level 1 prize.